Dojo Cat

Creator: Ray Snyder
Age rating: Everyone
A kittens family is killed but she survives and is rescued by sensei. Raised in his dojo, japanese garden, and home. Interacts with students. She grows up and secretly practices karate at night, discovers good and evil, has an unusual ally, and discovers unknown abilities.
Synopsis: The story of a small-frightened kitten rescued by “Sensei” (Teacher) from certain death at the jaws of a dog who killed her mother and littermates. She's protected by, provided for, and raised by her new master. Presented is her life in the “Dojo” (Training Hall), Japanese garden, and the big world that surrounds it. Her perspective is seen as she learns the meaning of life. As she grows up she learns from Sensei, the Karataka (students), and a wise old KOI (named Kanku-Dai who lives in Sensei’s pond). She learns the essence of martial arts (MA), discovers her feline sixth sense, compassionately consoles troubled children, learns there is a “ Maker of All Things” and has adventures. Ultimately 'Bonsai' faces her greatest fear in life but triumphs with honor and dignity.

Intended to be more than a fantasy story. Targeted for young children and adults. Written for animal lovers and those who have (or think they may have) an interest in MA. Designed to entertain and provide an insight into MA by going deeper into the subject. It's about one’s personal self-defense, honor, and respect. It's about choosing when to fight and when not to fight. It's about the uniqueness and importance of existence.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Latest Work

All Work

  • Test Movie 6 - Dojo Cat Movie 6 storyboard
    Creative Notes:
    Two short silent scenes added at the beginning before the movie title and audio begins. Purpose is to give a background into first two charaters introduced (where they came from). Also graphics of blood removed to soften visuals. In addition to movie a revised script is being added
  • Script 3 - Ray's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Two new scenes have been added at the beginning to provide background of where first two characters came from. A villan organization is also added and appears throughout the script. The organization is called mAsAuditors (Martial Arts Society Auditors). Scipt has been re-wirtten into Celtx this time (replaced cinergy).
  • Test Movie 5 - Rough Cut Storyboard (Movie 5A)
    Creative Notes:
    I have added many new rough sketches in various sections of the movie. I had to change the format slightly to allow the size to transfer. I am trying to highlight other sections to spark interest in the overall concept. I apprecite the opportunity to participate.
  • Test Movie 4 - Rough Cut storyboard
    Creative Notes:
    This is the fourth storyboard. In this version I've added many more hand drawn 'draft' illustrations. I have done all work alone. My goal is to stimulate interest from Amazon to ultimatlely have a professionaly animated movie created for the enjoyment of children and families.
  • Test Movie 3 - Movie 3 rough cut story board
    Creative Notes:
    Added short animation at front and several more rough illustrations
  • Script 2 - Ray's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Minor changes made in script. Many spelling errors corrected. Hoping to have someone provide constructive comments or suggestions. Would like to see as an animation or as CG movie.
  • Test Movie 2 - Rough Cut story board (Movie 2)
    Creative Notes:
    revised - added more rough sketches. Expanded from 42 minutes to 99 minutes. Will next edit and update script soon. Having fun with this!
  • Test Movie 1 - Rough Cut story board
    Creative Notes:
    first rough cut story board with narration
  • Script 1 - Ray's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Script for an animated film or a live action movie with CG animation