Creator: Brian Martinez
Age rating: 13 and older
A young photographer attempts to prove the innocence of his delusional twin brother while raising money as a professional scapegoat.
Synopsis: RICHARD NILCH, 28, a struggling photographer with a troubled past, receives a shocking phone call- his parents are dead, and the only suspect is his twin brother, FLOYD. Meanwhile, Floyd has been locked away in a mental institution. Having grown up with a rare case of Hyperthymetic Disorder, super-photographic memory, it becomes a curse when he witnesses the death of his parents. The trauma forces him to snap from reality, effectively erasing his identity, leaving Floyd's warped mind adrift from reality, relying on the facts and trivia he once studied as his only connection to his past. The problem is only he knows what really happened to his parents, and that information is now locked away inside his mind.

Richard, for all intents alone in the world, agrees to the blind date set up by his friend GABE. He arrives surprised to find the girl's wake, but ends up leaving with her sister, NANCY, 29, a beautiful antique collector. At an illegal antique sale Richard is mistaken for the man who slept with a vendor's wife, and though the mistake is uncovered, Richard realizes he can turn a profit by pretending to be the cheater and taking the abuse nonetheless. This is how Richard becomes a SCAPEGOATIST, turning into people's most hated enemies to help them let go of their baggage. From bad neighbor to ex-boyfriend to school bully, he plays it all- for a price.

Emboldened by his new life, and embittered by Floyd's treatment by the sadistic head of the hospital, DOCTOR ULRICH, 44, he helps his brother escape from the hospital and hides him away in a series of abandoned buildings owned by their late father, a failed developer. There he takes part in Floyd's delusions in order to communicate with him, in the hopes that he can bring his brother back to the real world, and learn the truth behind the murders in the process.

But there are consequences to Richard's actions in the form of DETECTIVE MICHAELS, 51, an aging cop who resents what Richard and Floyd's father did to his small, dying town. Pressured by Doctor Ulrich he relentlessly pursues Richard. Richard is forced to dodge the detective left and right to carry on with his two, illegal lives- one as a scapegoatist, one with his brother, all the while dealing with a mysterious stranger intent on covering up the truth.

Richard finally comes clean to Nancy about his double-life just before Detective Michaels shows up to give chase. She convinces Richard to return Floyd to the hospital, but they arrive to find his brother is gone, a note left by the mysterious stranger pointing to their childhood home, destroyed recently in a fire.

Richard and Nancy find Floyd in the crumbling house, along with Doctor Ulrich. So too does Detective Michaels, and in a climactic showdown Richard participates in one, final delusion: the murder of their parents, in the exact spot it occurred.

SCAPEGOATIST is an exciting mix of drama, action and dark comedy. It expresses themes of loss, guilt, and the extremes we go to to hold onto the past.

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