Hell On Earth

Age rating: 17 and older
The gates of hell are opened and humanities time has come, when the dead walk and demons step from the shadows. Clark and Kylee fight to maintain their mind and retain their lives amongst a world where few others live but billions starve.
Synopsis: The always beautiful San Francisco seemed to be the perfect back drop for CLARK (30ish) and KYLEE's (25ish) engagement vacation with their friends. That is, until they wake up after a night of heavy partying and see that twenty stories below their swanky highrise, the world has fallen apart as people kill each other in the streets, but killing isn't enough so they feed on those they kill.
Clark and Kylee are trapped, along with Clark's childhood best friend AJ ( 30ish) his girl friend MARIA (25ish), and their party boy buddy DREW (20ish). Tensions grow with each setting sun as the internal battle over how to survive wages on. It's not long before they make a new friend after heroically risking their lives to save a young man being run down by veracious undead. DERK (20ish) enters as an outsider in a close knit group, and does everything he can to prove himself, but there is a dark side to all things and Derk is no different.
Beyond the surface deep in the shadows there is more happening in the world than any of them can comprehend. The gates of hell are opened and the dead walk the earth, but it's not only the dead that they have to worry about. Demons pull the strings in a subtle game of life and death on planet earth. Day in and day out Clark and friends must scavenge to survive, as each step out the front door is a step into hell.
It's not until they come across a young boy of only 8 named JOSHUA ( 8 ), that some of them find hope. Joshua is a ray of light where darkness has taken seat, and this ray of light has a bloody lining. Now an uncloseable rift has been torn though the group as Drew wants the boy gone and Clark refuses. The tensions build to an unavoidable escape from the city, as the survivors fight through the streets in a last ditch effort to find sanctuary from the starving hordes. Who will live and who will die, is merely a matter of fate.

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  • Script 3 - Timothy's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I fixed the boarders and spacing issues.
  • Script 2 - Timothy's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I want to use very dynamic camera play to bring a more uncut feel to the film. This film will put people in the zombie action by filming some of the fights in first person point of view, also adding to the 3D experience. The music will play an intricate part as the tempo speeds up with the action and the bass thumps with each skull cracked.
  • Script 1 - Timothy's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This film will paint a heart pounding blood soaked vision of decay on the beautiful San Francisco background. The struggle between the living and the dead is apparent but it's what's creeping in the shadows that is the real danger. The zombie apocalypse gets biblical. I want to use very dynamic camera play to bring a more uncut feel to the film. There will be lots of in your face action.