The Adventures of Playtoe and Frowtow - The Search for KIA

Creator: RC Naso
Age rating: Everyone
What happens when a top secret, military prototype, the Know-It-All device,

gets lost and two hapless young brothers, off to seek their fortune, find it?
Two young brothers, Playtoe and Frowtow, set out to seek their fortune.

Along the way, Frowtow gets hit on the head by a box that fell out of an old biplane.

At the same time, General Gadget is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a top

secret communications device, the KIA . Scheduled for a grand unveiling by the

President in ten days, Gadget is making the final plans for the event.

Captain Pilot lands the old biplane and discovers a missing package. Yes it's the

same package the general is waiting for and the same package that hit Frowtow on

the head earlier that day.

Along the way the boys are robbed, hunted and swindled. They find an ancient

treasure, watch their first film and stumble upon the preacher from hell. They

unwittingly commit a felony while getting a job delivering explosives. Watch the

drama when the boys loose the explosives to the hands of a band of thieves.

All the while, back at military base 52, General Gadget and Captain Pilot are

frantically making plans to recover the device. The occasional beeping of the

homing device is the only clue they have as to the whereabouts of the KIA. As they

assemble the greatest array of military force since WWIII the forces await their

orders for the massive recovery attack.

Will the military recover the KIA device? Will the General and his men get

honored or discharged? Will Playtoe and Frowtow find their

fortunes or return home to their tiny mountain village, broken, beaten and


Find the exciting answers to these questions and experience the adventure and

suspense in this down home story about trust, faith, and growing up.

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