False Awakenings

A young man haunted by visions winds up in in a mental institution until he sees the visions come true on the news, and so escapes to learn the shocking truth about his condition and his past.
Synopsis: James West awakes in a hospital where he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and warned that his grip on reality cannot be trusted. The doctors insist that James is a threat to himself and to everyone around him. So James succumbs to the pressures of the doctors and accepts the fate of being a patient in the mental ward, That is, until the day his "insane" visions manifest on the news. Desperate to know the meaning behind his visions and the truth behind his condition, he escapes the hospital and flies to Japan to find the men and women from his visions. Unfortunately, his efforts are not well received as James ends up entangled in a Global conspiracy that forces him into hiding, hunted by ruthless members of the global mega-corporation, Kiwami. As alliances are made, James learns that he possesses the key to bringing down an empire. But as his condition worsens, his seizures return and the line between reality and illusion thins, leaving James to fear that perhaps he has gone insane. Has his entire journey been but a bad trip reminiscent of a science - fiction action movie? Has James lost all sense of reality? This haunting question is finally put to rest when James discovers the shocking truth about his condition and learns that some truths are best kept secret.

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  • Script 2 - Hanina's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Changes were made to CAPS and GRAMMAR. Our REAL re-write could not make the December deadline as it is a very aggressive re -write so ,sadly, we must wait for the January deadline for you all to taste the heart and sweat put into our newest draft. We appreciate all the constructive criticism and notes. Enjoy.

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