Ricky & Eva: 24 Hours

Creator: Trevor Stokes
Age rating: Everyone
A day in the life of Ricky and Eva, two Hispanic 13 year olds.
Synopsis: Ricky, 13 now lives in two -bedroom apartment in Harlem with his mother and her friend to make ends meet. His parents divorced in December after arguing for most of his childhood. Before the divorce, the couple lived in the Bath Beach in Brooklyn and the father moved in January to DC.
Before the divorce, Ricky was usually quiet and to himself, but he had a small group of really good friends when he lived in Brooklyn.
Ricky now comes to school late always, he seems to be almost bipolar, some days he interacts with friends while other days he wants to be left alone. Teachers have difficulty reading his behavior; some days he participates while other days he's withdrawn. He now fails to complete homework assignments. He now typically has an angry stare.
Mother now works longer hours and is stressed because
Father doesn't call much, but on days when he does, Ricky is happy.
The only constant was the school, but now Ricky's commute has lengthened from a 15 minute walk to over an hour train ride with a transfer at Atlantic Avenue.
Ricky is an only child and his mother speaks Spanish at home
He's going through puberty
The mother is frustrated and the mother has begun rougher language and less patience with Ricky
The family was never very religious and doesn't attend church
He sits in detention for being late to school and he's frustrated because he has no control over it

Eva, 13
Parents are college educated, middle-class family has a sister Laura is 10
Helicopter, crazy schedules, after schools activities such as ballet while Laura plays piano, tutors to help with homework assignments
They have a good relationship with the teachers, mother volunteers at school and has a good rapport with the teachers.
Eva is an honor roll student and is consistently ahead of other students on the progress board in her grade. She is reserved, but she wants to be the CEO of a big company; her mother works in the financial district while her father is a college professor.
She doesn't have a lot of friends, she's serious and well liked.
She is Hispanic and the family speaks Spanish at home and is now learning to speak French
They go to Catholic church with her family every week and is working towards her confirmation and dreams about her quinceinera
Her parents drop her off early to school and she spends the first 30 minutes of her day tutoring math to the sixth grade students.

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