Creator: PITI R
Age rating: 17 and older
the gunman who has a duties to illuminate a pregnant woman.what's will he do?
Synopsis: Chow Yun-Fat or ar chow that he grew from an orphanage. Small but grow ever seen his father - his mother's face redevelopment, however
But he was not interested. I would be interested to know why. Heart it slowly until the end. He did not need to worry about anyone being lonely is a friend of his death
Photos of the victims at the hands of ar chow. This is one beautiful woman. Looks and age not exceeding 20 years, New Jersey, she is short. She would have died at the hands of him who had never known before or offended. It did not help his career to do anything for money. Whether the victim is one where Women, men, children or old men, he had no duty to think or wonder why the need to kill and kill, why. It's not that he needs to be recognized. He alone is responsible. How the victim died
This job kill the women requital 300,000 baht boss say up
Babysitting is not even a name. Jade is a killer page. The other hand, the black level. Woman or man he had shot, but he's never been pregnant
Victim girl know immediately that What will happen forget fairest itself shifted ran forward according instinct inciting. But fortune not sided with. With symptoms restlessness one leg go about edge footpath caused to stumble, legs itself loss of balance body onrush. Ward swelling like balloons, bumps edge footpath that stiff like rocks. No flesh tones bumps edge Pune to heard. Addition to sound, vocals with pain loud until trills
Unconscious patient and relatives ar chow waiting with Hospital emergency rooms are filled with chaos. Around, but the scent of death. What are people waiting at the front door filled up Krahnk. Screaming and wailing relatives of patients agameadgsapts. Mingled with loud shrill voice of Syed Kamran. Everyone has stress. It was different from what he suffered from the sky and the land around them to give birth
It is this human world itself.

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