Think Tank

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
What goes on inside one man's mind when important decisions are made? Matthew Rhys shows off his amazing comedic and dramatic depth as 8 different characters in this sweet romantic comedy.
Synopsis: What would it be like to be inside the mind of a guy? How does he (or anyone, for that matter) decide what to say? How are decisions made? What would the inner workings of the mind look like if we could see them?

On a first date, MARC (Matthew Rhys, THE AMERICANS and BROTHERS AND SISTERS), is asked about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Inside his head, the various parts of his personality -- all played by Mr. Rhys -- debate how to respond. Do they side with Fraternity Marc who wants to lie because it’s the shortest possible route to getting in her pants? Or do they listen to Feminine Marc and decide to tell the truth in order to establish trust and a build a real relationship?

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