The Alchemist Agenda

Creator: Marty Weiss
Age rating: Everyone
When a famed treasure hunter discovers a sunken U-Boat filled with Nazi gold, he teams with a beautiful ex-agent to uncover the secrets of alchemy. Only they aren't the only ones searching for …
Synopsis: When Charlie Rocklin comes out of hiding to help recover a 17th century Spanish ship rumored to be stowing a large colonial-era bribe, he discovers a sunken U-boat that was never supposed to exist.

Ariel Ellis, a history professor who specializes in World War II escape strategies, informs Charlie that the submarine he found contains an enigmatic message that leads to the formula to alchemy, hidden years ago for its rightful owners; and they're not the only ones who know about its existence.

As Charlie and Ariel combine their unique skill sets to unravel the clues left behind, they foil the power mongers who will do anything to commandeer the potential of unlimited wealth, and like alchemy, their highly charged romance turns from base to gold as they race to save the world.

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