Five Minutes to Live RTF

Creator: Jack Talbert
Age rating: Everyone
Everyone on Earth learn that the world is ending, in five minutes. This story follows the one man who knew in advance, but was still unable to act until it was too late. I uploaded this particular screenplay to try the storyboard creator.
Synopsis: In our present day an asteroid is on a collision course for Earth. The governments of the world knew, and contributed to the catastrophe. As the government hides, the people of the world must come to terms with having only five minutes to live. This is the RTF version of a previously submitted screenplay I am trying to convert into a storyboard format.

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    Creative Notes:
    This storyboard concentrates only on the Margo and Noel storyline and does not go into detail for any of the connecting and sub plot characters. The main story is one of two less lonely people in the world finding their own hearts and sharing that love until their dying moment.