Saint Chaos

Creator: Noah Alex
Age rating: 17 and older
In this raw superhero story, Simon Chaos uses a park bench as a makeshift office where he helps those who can't be helped by anyone else and searches for the man that killed his family.
Synopsis: Ten years ago a group of men stormed into the Chaos household and killed Simon's father, mother and little brother, leaving him without a family. The years passed in a blur as the mystery of his families' death haunts him and the guilt of not being able to protect his little brother forces the thought of suicide to prickle in his mind like a splinter. To help quell the boiling angst within him Simon has found an outlet that allows him to express his aggressiveness without hurting the innocent. He has picked a park bench in the local park and volunteers to help those who seek him out. Word soon spread throughout the city and those who have been failed by the justice system ask Simon Chaos for help. Simon takes on these tasks without hesitation as the rush of being in a situation that could mean his death has become the only thing that can suppress his rage. On one of these particular missions he confronts Mental D, who just happens to dabble in organize crime and cannibalism. Mental D's older brother, called Pirate, is one of the cities most vicious gangsters and becomes quite interested in Simon Chaos when he hears of his existence. Incredibly, Pirate is the key to unlocking the mystery of Simon's murdered family, but before he will reveal anything Simon must do something for the gangster first. Which could mean his death. Simon Chaos must fight for his life so he can finally learn the truth he has relentlessly searched for in the last ten years.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Noah's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In late 2007 Blue Cactus Pictures bought the rights to this screenplay with Michael D. Olmos attached to direct. Investors were collected quickly and actors were contacted for interest, but, unfortunately, the crashing wave of the recession hit and the entire project fell apart in a week.