30 at The Cape

Creator: Marqus Bobesich
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
A moronic businessman ruins his stepson's golf weekend in Cape Canaveral.
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Synopsis: On the eve of his 30th birthday, ALBY FISHER wants nothing more than a simple weekend of "golf and good times" with his friends. With a quick stopover at his parent's estate to borrow extra clubs, his oblivious and accident-prone stepfather GEORGE TURKETTI realizes he's forgotten Alby's birthday altogether... moments after being informed that his AWOL business partner PHIL LIPPINSHLOTZ has completely drained the company's assets down in Florida.

Not wanting to lose face in front of his beloved wife MARGIE, George blurts out that he's actually planned a surprise golf trip to Cape Canaveral for Alby and all his friends... with the real intention of tracking down and possibly killing Lippinshlotz.

The weekend goes from bad to worse, with the hotel manager mistaking them for investors who recently outbid him in the purchase of the golf resort, and vowing to make their stay as miserable as possible. While on a drunken goose chase to track down his partner, George inadvertently kills an endangered species of bird which attracts the attention of scientists working at the conservation area next to the golf course.

While Alby's permanently-stoned brother NOLAN gets suckered into attending a timeshare conference, the others battle bad weed, belligerent staff members, crocodiles on the fairway, and their own bruised egos. After getting lost in a wildlife preserve, they're rescued by the very same conservationists that had a run-in with George, with Alby instantly falling for their affable leader LILY.

The final showdown culminates at the Kennedy Space Center, with George racing to intercept Lippinshlotz and his mystery cargo before the afternoon space shuttle launch, and the boys racing to free a giant sea turtle through the heavily patrolled waters of the Cape.

After a night in jail, George finally reveals the fact that they're now financially ruined - only to discover that Nolan has inadvertently won a million dollar dream home contest after attending a weekend real estate seminar.

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