Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
A high school art teacher helps his student with a crush.
Synopsis: Robert is a middle-aged high school art teacher dissatisfied with his marriage, his family -- in short, his entire life. When a class trip he leads to France is cancelled, Robert, instead of dealing with his problems, escapes them by taking it upon himself to help one of his students get the girl he likes. However, his advice is so inappropriate and terrible that he just about screws it up for his student. In an attempt to redeem himself, Robert takes the class on a field trip to Chicago in hopes that his student makes a play for the girl. What Robert learns is that second chances do exist, no matter what the age, and maybe it's time for him to take a chance as well.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - drama-comedy
    Creative Notes:
    This is a short film I did for my graduate thesis at USC in 2011. It is a truncated and also alternate version of a feature version I have already written.