Ravai the Painted Wild Hunting Dog

Creator: B Britz
Age rating: Everyone
Ravai's Wild Dog pack is pursued by Gasi, the wicked hunter. Most of the animals in his wild world adhere to 'hunhu' which means that in order for them to be the very best they can be the Wild Dogs need to be the very best dogs that they can be. Wild life fantasy
Synopsis: The Wild Dog pack led by Sechi is closely knit and boisterous. They believe in Huhnu which means that they respect their fellow animals and try to be the best Wild Dogs that they can be. Sechi disapproves of his son, Ravai’s, unusual friendship with the amiable Porcupine, Porky. Ravai is also friends with the spinster hippos in the river. These rotund females try hard to be ladies and to follow the rules of Huhnu but they are horrified by the antics of their neighbour, Captain Croc. The entrance to the crocodile’s lair is indicated by the skull of his grandfather which moves with the wind. A sojourn into the Wild Dog’s world with Ravai and his baby brothers introduces us to pythons, poops and pigs. Gasi the hunter and his fantastical city slicker hounds disrupt the peace. Gasi’s hounds which sport jewellery, war paint and funny hair styles chase Porky into the centre of the Wild Dog pack. Against the better judgement of the pack and with Ravai’s persuasion Sechi defends Porky against Gasi’s hounds. After all, Porky believes in Huhnu and the city slicker hounds do not know what that is, although it does sound good to them. Gasi’s hounds leave with the threat that they will return with Gasi and his gun. A Wild Dog is never left alone and they never give up but Sechi concludes that, no matter how difficult and heart breaking, the pack will have to run for it. The Eagle cautions them to stand and fight if the run they will run forever. But Horror, the hippo, points out that if they confront Gasi they will die. The hippos advise Ravai to seek Captain Croc’s help. Secretly, Ravai and Porky leave to seek such aid. They brave the swamp and their real fear of the crocodile in order to find assistance. But, as confirmed by Captain Croc’s dentist bird, the reptile’s teeth are out of order. In the meanwhile, Ravai and Porky have been cut off from Ravai’s pack by Gasi and his hounds.

Ravai and Porky narrowly escape detection by Gasi’s hounds. They race to catch up with the Wild Dog pack. But the hippos are half way across the river ferrying the Wild Dogs to safety on their backs. It is too late to turn back. That would put the entire pack in danger. Gasi and his hounds are closing in and Ravai tries to swim to his pack but the river is too strong for him. His family and friends watch, helplessly, as he sinks below the water. Then, with a bugle call Nzou the elephant explodes onto the scene to rescue Ravai. The elephant disappears and Ravai and Porky again escape the attention of Gasi and his hounds. Porky’s family lives in the deep, dark forest and Ravai’s natural home is the open grassland. But, led by the fierce and innovative Sekhuru, the Porcupines give Ravai their protection. The porcupine’s home is loving and orderly. That night, Nzou arrives. The porcupines are terrified of the elephant. He destroys the forest and with it, their homes. Nzou’s actions also bring light not only to the light loving Ravai but to the young saplings which would die without sunlight. Against the advice of the porcupines, Ravai dares to approach the marauding elephant. Nzou is surprised at Ravai’s courage and agrees to move his activities elsewhere. He tells Ravai that one voice can change a wilderness. But, when Nzou leaves, Ravai has to face the disapproval of the porcupines who have taken exception to Ravai fraternising with a rogue elephant which destroyed their homes.

Ravai runs into the storm tossed night alone. He stops beneath the chattering skull of Captain Croc’s grandfather. Here, he overhears Gasi’s hounds claim that Gasi set Captain Croc, the acknowledged defender of the riverbank, ‘straight.’ The hounds leave claiming that Gasi rules the riverbank and that they are his dark princes. Ravai mourns Captain Croc in the spirit of Huhnu – weakness or death of one affects all of the other animals. Nzou appears again and shelters Ravai during the storm. Nzou turned 'rogue' after Gasi killed his family. The elephant agrees to guide Ravai back to the safety of his pack. But they will have to outwit Gasi and his hounds. Before their departure, Porky appears. He is horrified to find Ravai in the company of Nzou and is prepared to defend him. Ravai explains that Nzou has offered to assist. Porky’s horror turns to joy and he is determined to join them. Nzou and Ravai need some persuasion. Finally, they agree that Porky is a great undercover agent and that friendship has its own strength and that no one is too small to be a good friend. They leave. Rhino charges down the road with a backload of orphan monkeys and almost crashes into Porky. Nzou sweeps the porcupine onto his own back. The very mucho Rhino sheds a tear when he tells them that the monkeys which say that they are riding ‘grand scale into the future’ are orphans. The Rhino leaves with his charges. Nzou mentions that the only way to destroy the gun is to bury it in the river.

Ravai leaves his pawmark signature on Inyoka’s back. Inyoka is a poisonous snake and she doubles back for revenge. Nzou tries to reason with her, this fails, she strikes and gets stuck in his trunk. Inyoka’s wriggling body tickles Nzou’s nose hairs and he sneezes her out. Now, she is really furious and snake charm won’t work. Hope seems lost until a valiant and bristling Porky goes backward into battle and victory. All of them are astonished at his success. Porky credits porcupine battle school and his ‘thrilly pants’ (hairs on his tail allow him to sense what is going on behind him). Porky hitches another back ride from Nzou and they travel on passed a herd of marvelling impala. As night falls the riverbank is deserted and lonely but there is still no sign of Gasi or his hounds.

Unexpectedly, Ravai finds himself staring down the barrel of Gasi’s gun. Nzou charges to protect Ravai oblivious of Gasi’s gunfire. Porky jumps from his back and together, Ravai and Porky watch Nzou in awe from the cover of the grass. Nzou gains possession of the weapon and holds it high against the blue African sky. Gasi escapes on his motorbike and Dilly, one of his hounds, leaps on behind him. Nzou administers ‘elephant paddy whacks’ to the remaining hounds. Ravai and Porky escape with the gun. They run towards the river in order to bury it there. Ravai drops the gun on the way and it goes off. For an instant, he believes that Porky is dead. But he’s only stunned. Porky recovers and urges Ravai to complete their mission. If they don’t destroy the gun there will be more death. Ravai runs on with his evil load. Bravely, Porky tries to delay the hounds which are now in hot pursuit. But, for once, the hounds ignore the porcupine and race after Ravai.

It seems that all is lost when the hounds catch up with Ravai. Then, Sechi appears. The Wild Dogs drive the hounds back and drop the gun into the river. Sechi tells Ravai that he is proud of him and that his son has taught him a lot about Huhnu and working together. Ravai returns to his friends and Sechi goes to summon the Wild Dog pack. The friends free the dentist bird which has been imprisoned since he discovered that Captain Croc was a traitor working with Gasi and his hounds. Captain Croc is discovered singing and dancing between Gasi’s pots and pans; preparing to eat Wild Dog. He is quite stunned to discover Nzou, Ravai and Porky standing behind him. The crocodile has acted in contradiction with Huhnu and lost his place among them. Captain Croc tries to escape. But the hippos return to vanquish the crocodile and befriend the elephant who in keeping with his broken heart might otherwise have gone his own way. The Wild Dogs come running back to their old home through the falling dusk, the time the Wild Dogs keep. The Eagle flying over head cries that you should follow your heart to stay in one piece - there is no point in leaving it behind.

Latest Work

  • Script 5 - B Britz's 5th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    An overhaul. Initial scene with crocs establishes their duties towards their wild community. Great tracts of work deleted. Love affair between the porcupine and the dentist bird developed. Nzou the elephant is not a feared rogue but an almost mythical revered emblem of strength. Wong goes Jet Skiing on Captain Croc's back and Porky and Ravai fall into the crocodile den.

All Work

  • Script 4 - B Britz's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The theme of Ravai's tendency to love not wisely but all over the place is made clearer. He is the only one who would dare to remind Captain Croc of his duty. The dentist has changed gender and is funnier and more effective as a girl with which Porky is quite taken. Several deletions and abbreviations have taken place. Inyoka was removed - Porky proves his courage elsewhere.
  • Script 3 - B Britz's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The hippo dung slinging and the invasion of the Warthog hole has been combined. The baboon has been removed from the crocodile's dentist appointment and the scene has been made shorter. Nzou, Ravai and Porky come across Gasi unexpectedly rather than seeking confrontation - Ravai is the only Wild Dog present in this battle. Crocodile discovered in a chef's hat preparing dinner.
  • Script 2 - B Britz's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I combined the hippo dung slinging and the invasion of the Warthog hole. I removed the baboon from the crocodile's dentist appointment and shortened the scene. The friends are forced into confrontation rather than attacking the hunter. Ravai is the only Wild Dog in the battle with the hunter. Captain Croc is found in a chef's hat preparing to eat Wild Dog. City slicker hounds instead of hyenas.
  • Script 1 - B Britz's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A Wild Dogs life is full of peril. Fortunately most of the creatures that share his world believe in 'Hunhu' according to which principle in order for Ravai to be the very best Wild Dog he can be then crocodiles, hippos, porcupines and company have to be the very best that they can be. When Gasi the greedy hunter threatens his pack Ravai has the chance to put this principle to the test.