Creator: Ben Hamele
Age rating: 17 and older
A group of individuals struggle with poverty, drug abuse, and sadness. While in the end finding an improbable outcome.
Synopsis: This story revolves around five central characters; a woman in poverty, drug addict, lawyer, police officer, and a man in a coma. The woman in poverty is Margret who the main overall character and protagonist of the story. She can't seem to find any work to support her infant son and doesn't know where to turn. Two drug addicts are then introduced, Johnny and Paul who are addicted to cocaine. They find themselves doing a deal with someone they have never done business with before. Johnny sets the whole thing up himself and ends up getting shot and killed. Paul escapes the line of fire and survives the incident. The lawyer of the story is James. He has money which buys him anything he desires, though he can't seem to find the right girl. James dumps his deadbeat girlfriend April in the beginning of the story and begins to start fresh. He occasionally goes to different restaurants throughout the city talking to his friend Mark for advice throughout the story.

The Police officer Aaron is in grief after his brother Samuel was admitted to the hospital in a coma after a recent car accident involving a drunk driver. Aaron has a nice family with a wife and two kids, though goes through a hard time dealing with the situation of his brother. Paul decides to kick his habit of cocaine as he goes into a rehabilitation program to straighten his life out. Margret decides the only way she can get money to help her poverty issue is being a hooker. One night she goes out on the town dressed up very promiscuously and gets picked up by a man named Stan. She gives him a fake name as they drive back to his place. When they arrive Margret says they should go right into the sex so she can get on with her night. Stan and Margret get on with it, though Stan suddenly snaps and pulls out a gun on Margret trying to rob her. She says there is no money in her purse and she is broke. While his back is turned Margret pulls out a switchblade on Stan putting it up to his throat. She fights back and ends up returning the favor to Stan. Margret gets away with a good chuck of cash and calls it a night.

James doesn't believe he will ever find a girl better than April and they all just want him for his money. Aaron regularly checks in on Samuel, though his condition is worsening and they are not sure how much longer he has. Paul continues his rehab and things begin to look up for him, as his life is now turning around.

Margret is grocery shopping one afternoon and runs into James on accident. They look at one another as she apologizes, though it seems as James is starstruck from her look as he stares into her eyes. They go on there way shortly after as if nothing has happened. At that same time in a different area of the city Aaron walks into a convenient store. He is off duty and wears normal clothing, everything seems normal. Paul finishes up his session and enters the same store, they make eye contact as if they know each other. Paul walks to the restroom in the back of the store. Suddenly an armed gun man enters the store and demands cash. Aaron gets in the middle of what he is doing and tries to talk him out of it. The gun man is very nervous and demanding to receive more cash from the safe in the back of the store. Aaron says he is not afraid of the gun man and admits to him that he has seen it all. Paul watches everything from a small opening in the bathroom door. He burst out and pulls a gun on the robber who has his gun pointed at Aaron. The man refuses to drop his weapon so Paul unleashes four shots at the man, sending him to the ground. Paul realizes he has just saved Aaron's life and he is in shock after the occurrence.

Samuel makes a remarkable and almost impossible recovering as he comes out of the coma and is reunited with Aaron. Paul becomes a hero and is honored on the front cover of the newspaper the next morning. Margret gets a job at a small cafe in her area. She is excited to finally have an income and to support her family. James is out one evening after a long day of work and has a few drinks at a local tavern. He sits alone looking a little down in the dumps. Margret enters the tavern a short time after and sits a few seats away from James. She orders a drink as James looks over and recognizes her from the incident in the supermarket. They begin to talk with one another and hit it off real well. They share a look at one another again, staring into each others eyes. They come in and kiss, Margret says she doesn't know what she is doing and James says its fine. He says he has to go as he takes out a piece of paper and writes something on it. James slides it in front of Margret on the table as he leaves. She turns it over and see's his phone number upon the paper. A big smile comes on her face as she now is more happy than ever before.

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