Creator: Tito Fernandes
Age rating: 13 and older
In the future, the world as you know it, will long be gone!
Synopsis: The feature film version, tells the story of Desmond, a child born after the Alluvion, raised through humanity's darkest age, and his quest for answers to unknown emotions.

The word is flooded and knowledge has sank with it. Small groups of people rely on their primeval instincts to survive, unaware that they are ensuing mankind's existence. The concrete islands (buildings), segregate distinct communities that live differently from one another. Food, procreation, social behaviour, believes are all self contained.

Unaware of his own identity, Desmond keeps seeking answers that no one seems able to provide, till, the day he meets Sam, the girl that ignites him from within. Their small community, condemned their closeness and outcast Sam from the group, she needs to leave by the morning. That same night, another group invade their island, kidnap all the women and kill most of the men.

Desmond survives and swears he'll find Sam no matter what happens, as this feeling he can't describe is too much to bare. His real quest starts now. Will he find Sam and ultimately himself?

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