C'est Moi (This Is Me)

Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: Everyone
This short film is about Penny, a shy college student, transforms herself into a French New Wave ingenue in order to gain the attention of her long time crush.
Synopsis: This film's two leads are the fabulous GRACE REX (who recently had a recurring role on THE GOOD WIFE) and the adorable JAKE LACY (who was the newest member of the last season of THE OFFICE and starred in the series BETTER WITH YOU).

PENNY, a female college acting student, pretends to be French in order to finally talk to her crush NATHAN, a dreamy guy from school. While at an audition for a Moliere play he introduces himself after he overhears her performing a French monologue. Frozen with fear, Penny has a hard time talking to her longtime crush. Noticing that Nathan seems most interested in anything exotic Penny starts to learn the mysterious ways of the French with two French women as her coaches. Penny feels almost transported in time as she envisions her coaches as some of her favorite heroines of the classic New Wave films. Though she starts out a little shaky, making silly blunders along the way, Penny eventually gets the hang of playing her French persona. Penny asks Nathan to dinner and tries to create the perfect “New Wave” evening in Manhattan with him. At the end of the night Penny confesses that she she’s not really French. Because she’s played the part so well Nathan thinks she’s messing with him. Her French persona seduces Nathan so well that he proposes they take a trip together to Montreal (where Penny can speak her native language). In the end Penny gets what she wants, but at what cost? Will she have the courage to show her true self to Nathan or continue living the lie in the name of love?

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