Creator: Tony Contreras
Age rating: Everyone
A young girl, Xochitl, seeks revenge when a cartel assassin eliminates her whole family and she vows to pay them back. XOCHITL...She'll take your breath away.
Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of Mexico's drug wars, Xochitl (So-chee) is forced to flee for her life when her family is murdered by a notorious drug cartel. At first a babe in the woods, she quickly decides to use what she has; beauty, brains and sex appeal to survive in the underworld of a Mexican border town where life is cheap.
To her amazement she finds that she is a natural born temptress able to manipulate both men and women through love and lust.
In her quest for revenge she targets the son of the Capo who killed her parents. The son falls madly in love with her and offers her a way out. Marry him and go live in the United States. But is it too late? Can she run from her past and start over? Moreover, can she give up the intoxicating sexual power she has developed and her burning need to avenge her parents?

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