Creator: Karl Peter Smith
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
A weekend job at LONDON ZOO will determine which of two BROTHERS gets their father's inheritance. Replacing the dead star-attraction is just the start of the pandemonium! [concept promo]
Synopsis: 2 BROTHERS fight for their BILLIONAIRE FATHER's inheritance... they have 1 weekend at LONDON ZOO to prove themselves.

All they have to do is look after a PANDA! How hard could it be?

They feed the Panda and it keels over! Hence starts the Pandemonium! And so they now need to find a replacement.

By telephone... the Triads + Mafiousi are hired (at £5-10 mill a pop) to steal a Panda from ANY source to replace the one they've killed. Even another zoo or animal sactuary. (Recklessly - "Who cares just get me a Panda!") but they are too successful and 6 are delivered to the Zoo!

Now the Panda that they THINK they've killed is just in torpor (given the wrong feed) and is STILL ALIVE so now the problem has multiplied seven-fold! The Pandas need returning...

They now pay (£1 mill) for the 6 stolen Pandas to be returned with the condition that no-one must ever know.

By Monday - their father see the Panda ALIVE... and thinks they've done a great job and instead of giving them the cash he buys 'all the Zoos that the Pandas were initially stolen from (which he still doesn't know about) as a nice investment for his sons.

Head in hands -- they're not pleased.


Note: I kept the pitch loose... didn't wish to over-explain it... as that's the way the pitch came to me in a dream. I've been wanting to write this out as a screenplay for a long while... and yesterday was just one of those sunny days in which to film get the story out-there.

Based loosely on recent events of my father passing away and me having to get my inheritance off his girlfriend. What a Panademonium!


'Imogen Cox' is 9-years-old and she got the pitch and actually loves Pandas. She thinks I should reduce the age from 13 to 'everyone' as she got the pitch. Adults! Huh?!

She's hired.

I think I'll have her actually say "How do I spell Billionaire?" in the updated pitch...

...alongside Jean Reno as the CLEANER from Luc Besson's - Leon "So you want a Panda?"

... De Niro MAFIOUSI "Recently, Pandas come at a premium. Do you know that everyone's looking for a Panda right now?"

...BROTHER "I know, I HIRED THEM ALL! Just please get me a Panda."

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