War Room

Age rating: Everyone
A woman takes ownership of her father's football team when he dies and asserts her authority by firing her General Manager. She must appoint herself head coach and lead her team through the season against extreme adversity, equipped with her brain, staff, and aging QB.
Synopsis: Football is America's sport. Tailgating, beer, and the playoffs are just a few things that make football great. But behind the scenes is a strong, male-dominated culture. Can a female overcome a league filled with obstacles, including outright sabotage?

Elizabeth Bidwell has just lost her father, the owner of the Arizona Cardinals, and must assume control of team operations. She fires her General Manager, Shaun Turner, when he attempts to assert authority over her, but her initial steps prevent her from finding a head coach and general manager to build the team. In a moment of inspiration, she decides to assume head coaching and general manager responsibilities.

With the support of her best friend and the help of her coaching staff, Elizabeth builds a team and prepares them for the upcoming season. However, Shaun has quietly leaked the team's playbook to the rest of the league, allowing them to predict Elizabeth's plays. Once Elizabeth discovers the sabotage, she recruits her aging star quarterback to help with reconstructing the team's strategy. Once they do so, the Cardinals start winning games and earn a spot in the playoffs after defeating Shaun's new team. The Cardinals go on to win the playoff game, and a series of short interview reveal the team's fate and the individual fates of the characters.

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  • Script 1 - Joshua's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The script starts at the beginning of the NFL offseason and goes through the entire football year, from draft day to practice to the actual season. The film culminates with a playoff game, then jumps forward a week or two with a final series of interviews.