Creator: Todd Theman
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
It's 1999 and Matt Dondeh hates his life...

He hates his job;
lives in his parents living room;
plus he's caught up in a seemingly endless cycle of dysfunctional relationships and self-destructive behavior.

But that's all about to change...
Synopsis: It's 1999 and Matt Dondeh hates his life.

He's a car salesman who drives a shitty car.

He lives in his parents living room.

And he's trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of meaningless relationships and self
destructive behavior.

Oh, he's also banging his best friend's girlfriend.

On the eve of his 24th birthday, Matt gets a surprise phone call from an old high school
Flame, setting in motion a series of events that will change his life forever:

The toss of a coin; a punch in the face; and the discovery of a girl who has slept with an
entire baseball team: These apparently random events will lead Matt to a chance romantic
encounter when he finds himself trapped in an elevator with a girl who looks too good to
be true.

As he navigates through this often emotional terrain, Matt is aided by a beautifully
dysfunctional group of friends, family and advisors - plus one barely legal up-and-coming
pop star: Lindsay Buck.

Despite the intensity of the situations he finds himself in, Matt retains a good sense of
humor about life and himself. But as we discover the pain hidden behind the laughs, he
will realize that for every action there is a reaction; and for every truth - a consequence.

Before the economy went bust...

Before 9/11...

Before Y2K never happened...

There was BITTER.

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