"Eaten Alive"

Creator: R Peters
Age rating: 13 and older
A dysfunctional young couple must put aside their differences to survive on an island where they are a hungry cat's feast.
Synopsis: A young dysfunctional couple must put aside their differences or they won't survive the night.

Mike is on furlough from the Navy, but his plans to marry Leah are disrupted when he messes up at his bachelor party. Leah breaks off the wedding, but allows him one last chance to prove himself on a weekend retreat to a river island her family owns.

Unbeknownst to them, drug dealers have been using the island to hide their stash, and left a half-starving South American Jaguar to keep people away.

Leah must forgive her estranged fiancee if they are going to survive until help comes. Her lifelong fear of being eaten while still alive becomes very possible in this 'Jaws on Paws' thriller with unexpected twists.

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