Invincible- The Legend of Billie Jean Davy

Creator: Isaac McCrimmon
Age rating: 13 and older
Exhausted and disappointed with being treated like children, a group of strong willed teenagers haphazardly cause an up rise after they are forced to defend themselves against bullies, would-be rapist and negligent police officers.
Synopsis: Based on the 1985 cult classic film "The Legend of Billie Jean". Written By Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal.

After a childish and petty argument leads to embarrassment, local bully and poor little rich boy, Keagan Pyatt destroys the Moped scooter of James (Jinx) Davy. In an attempt to right the wrong, Jinx’s older sister, Billie Jean starts out on a mission to find out exactly what happened and to make those responsible for the damage, pay up. She learns that Jaime, a childhood friend who is secretly in love with Jinx, was bullied into giving the scooter to Keagan. Knowing that her brother is also gay, but still in the closet, Billie Jean makes things easy for Jaime. Still looking for a simple resolution, Billie Jean plans for Jaime to pay half of the scooter’s worth: $650.

Knowing that Keagan is irresponsible and immature, Billie Jean decides to take the matter of the remaining $650 to Keagan’s father, Richard Pyatt, who is a millionaire Real Estate mogul in the area. After initially being ignored, Billie Jean is instructed by Mr. Pyatt’s secretary to meet him later at an empty home that he will be prepping for an open house. Reluctantly, Billie Jean goes to the house, where Mr. Pyatt’s friendly conversation quickly escalates to a dangerous situation. He tricks Billie Jean into writing out one of his personal checks and once her back is turned, he very forcefully tries to rape her. In self defense, Billie Jean stabs him in the leg with his own pen

Fleeing the situation, Billie Jean decides to run away, but not before her brother and her friends make a plee to join her. Their escape leads them into brave new situations, new found friendships and a coming-of-age story like no other, but it is a viral video that makes Billie Jean the driving force behind a spontaneous fight for Women’s Rights. Houses burn down, protestors riot and the truth finally comes out once Billie Jean’s courage inspires the world to take a stand.

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  • Script 1 - Isaac's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Unlike the original film, this story begins to escalate after a much more intense and serious chain of events. A move made in self-defense against a would be rapist causes a reaction that ignites a fight for women's rights, a battle against bullying and a struggle to be taken seriously by adults. This version takes place in Long Island, Ny.