Girl in Fields of roses

Creator: Phapavin srirat
Age rating: Everyone
the boy found roses fields and women
Synopsis: Girl in Fields of roses.

The first image that pops up when the boys open his eyes.
The red fields.
He so wonderer about the red fields

The Travel use time two day.
Between two day
The walk around forest
And he use map sometime
And he check compass to destination
He started up and understand.
in the forest had nothing

between the boy eat warm soup
and sleep
him wake up and had some smell

Not much novelty.
Looking out, he knew that.
Smell is roses

Roses so endless
look at left side is roses
look at right side is roses
Looking forward is roses
Looking backwards is roses
A lot of rose

Field of red roses
Pollen makes the boys eyes

Who are you !! women ask
Asked a small voice
When the boy turned

He found the woman
he not sure men or women
who the are you women said !!
I don’t know Im lost
I don’t care about it
See boy you sleep under my rose
I must plant new again dammm
All plant you do it alone
Sure young boy
Why the boy ask
Not about you young boy
Please stand up and go away
I will plant new rose oh dammm

The boy stand up and the women quickly to plant new roes

Sow new seeds into the soil.
Remove seeds.
Removal of weeds. Remarkable is that she did all of this.
In just five minutes.
Growing roses on her new conversion completed.
The women was invited to drink tea at home boys.
This area is not far from you.

Her home was filled with roses as well

She given tea to the boy (tea roses)
Ian started smelling a rose, which he now comes up slightly
I drink just enough to be polite

after me come here
i no idea do anything
I planted a rose
First I plant 1or 3
After I plant roses have alot

And I think
I so happy many

But Problem is…..

Women said and sad

Now I do not know what to do anymore.
In addition to growing roses, and so on.
Waiting for that one day. When enough roses.
I would be very happy to own

Look at the wall women said !!

These numbers tell you that I have a few trees and roses.
I always thought the 1000 would be enough.
From 1000 I would be happy
It became clear that I would grow to 1,000 roses.
I was still not happy.
I would also like to plant 10,000 trees to mature.
Be a need for 10,000 to 10,000 at the beginning of it.
That would make me happy.
I believe so.
But now please look with yourself

The boy looked at the speedometer.
The main unit - the numbers drawn carefully.
The flowers are beautifully drawn.
But for the main page.

It was very much increased
It seems that the numbers are less elaborate.
Added to the principal. Tag numbers were furnished slovenly
The main page is the squiggly
I like to be written by people who do not see the importance
“After I began to feel that The more I grow more roses.
My sadness is reduced.
But rose by rose
I do not want to lose to each flower roses.
I'm scared to death of winter roses.
Rose will not eat insects.
Or ... is the destruction.”
The boy said nothing. Know what to do.
he were just apathy.
One thought was a glimpse into the head.
He got out of the chair.
And shot outside the house.
Number of flowers on the flower face down.
The boy returned with a rose in hand.

Red rose I give to you boy said

Young woman holding a rose then.
When the girl received.
The boy went to sleep in the room where the girl was provided.
The girl looked at Rose.
She also does not understand the purpose of the boy.
But this is the first time someone gave her roses to her.
She looked to her roses and so on.
Until dusk

When her time with it.
She began to notice the curve.
How to hide a shrug petals are unique.
Petals of roses are no different from other roses.
But she began to feel that
This rose special.

She never looked at this long each flower roses.
She rose flower each passing
Each flower is just one of thousands of roses.
Or one thousand only her.
Each flower is unique.
Each flower is unique for her.
She planted roses
But she did not stop to admire them at once.
I think that growing roses growing only

But now
She stop
She gave a time
And she understand too !!

Boy preparing to go out.
The women came to.
Her hair looks less obscure

The girl rose to the boy as a souvenir.
Flowers may be similar to that he held for her yesterday, the boy thought.
The boy stared at the rose in hand.
And journeyed on.


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