Creator: R Peters
Age rating: 13 and older
An estranged father, leading his kids and a large dive group into a sunken cave system, stumbles upon a terrorist plot.
Synopsis: Cenote (sunken cave) diving is the most dangerous sport in the world. You can’t surface if there’s a problem, and dangers abound from being blinded by silt, getting lost or stuck, and running into predatory sea life, vampire bats or even lava fissures.

Dave is an experienced cenote diver who still hasn't come to terms with losing his first love in the cave he discovered years earlier. Now with special permission from the Mexican government, he is allowed to lead a dive group on one 'super' dive a year. He is leading them through the same cave system where he messed up years before, in hopes of finding Mayan ruins and treasures, and possibly forgiving himself in the process.

Dave has stepped out of his comfort zone, and to complicate things he is bringing his estranged kids along as well as his new fiancee.

Leading this group he isn't equipped to handle, he unwittingly stumbles across a plot to assassinate the US and Mexican presidents.

Low on air and imprisoned in the sunken Mayan ruins that he is exploring, he has less than an hour to save his family and stop the assassins.

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