Age rating: 17 and older
In the sleepy fishing town of Hoquiam, Wa, police officer-in-training Julian Grey begins unraveling clues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of an old friend. But what he soon discovers is the sinister underbelly of an old religion.
Synopsis: Wendy Simmons has been missing for four months. The police reports are inconclusive, and the evidence is arbitrary. A cold trail. Police officer-in-training Julian Grey (28) has returned to his hometown of Hoquiam, WA, to help his childhood friend Don, Wendy's fiance, cope with his loss. But soon after arriving into town, Julian begins to see just how mysterious Wendy's disappearance is, and pledges to help Don get to the bottom of it.

Together, Julian and Don begin interviewing suspects, and putting together an investigation. They learn that Wendy was closely involved with a local church, and that her step-brother, Rick, may be the man they're looking for. Rick works for the church, but his address is unlisted. So in order to locate Wendy's seclusive brother-in-law, Julian goes undercover and visits the church, pretending to be a born-again Christian. While undercover, he finds and steals a photo album, full of pictures of mutilated corpses dating back to the 1880s. This, among other clues, affirms a suspicion that has been growing in Julian's mind. The old urban-legend is true - there is a secret, Satanic cult that operates covertly in the mountains, abducting the townspeople of Hoquiam one-by-one, and sacrificing them to Satan. They are The Golden Order of the Cross, and Julian believes that Wendy Simmons is, or will be, one of these sacrifices.

Still not knowing whether Wendy is alive or dead, Julian decides to infiltrate the Order. He uses his linguistic ingenuity, as well as police tactics, to quickly assimilate himself into the tightly-knit community. They welcome him with open arms. It isn't long before Julian locates Wendy, who is indeed living in captivity under her brainwashed step-brother Rick. Wendy, however, doesn't believe she is in any real danger, and will not leave the cult with Julian. As days go by, Julian continues to be integrated into the Order, and must perform as so. This includes performing ritualistic magic, designed to chemically alter his brain. Strange, unexplainable things begin happening to Julian, including mysterious encounters, and hellish nightmares. During his formal initiation into the Order, Julian is put under a mysterious, hallucinogenic drug that causes his to experience another world; a world in which Satan reigns as God.

Eventually, Julian convinces Wendy to leave the cult with him, and they begin planning their escape. But they are too late - the Order is already fully aware of Julian's espionage. They abduct both him and Wendy, and take them to see the enigmatic cult leader, Henryk. Henryk lives in a mansion, deep in the forest, unaccessible by road. Julian and Wendy are brought before the old man, but he is unsatisfied with their confession. He commands Julian and Wendy be killed that night, and they are kept prisoner in the mansion. Julian, however, has a gun hidden on him, so he and Wendy shoot their way out of the house. Julian must beat Henryk to death with a baseball bat when he is out of bullets. As he and Wendy escape from the house, Wendy confesses her true involvement with the Order - that JULIAN was the sacrifice all along, not Wendy, and that Don is actually a member of the Order, whose job it was to lure Julian in. Wendy further explains that she betrayed the Order to help Julian escape, and that she still wants to leave with him. However, Julian and Wendy are now pursued by Rick, and other vigilant cult-members, who chase them through the forest with guns. Julian is shot and killed, while Wendy escapes. Eventually, Wendy stumbles upon a freeway, where she waves down a car, and is driven far away from Hoquiam. The film ends with Wendy singing "Nearer My God to Thee," as she ponders Julian's death, gazing out the car window.

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