The Chanctonbury Full House

Creator: Alex
Age rating: 13 and older
Unhappy with life?... Need something more?... Money?... Be made 15 years younger?... Or something else, anything else in fact? Who you going to call- Satan, who else? And the cost is just the small enjoyable sin of gluttony!
Synopsis: Three work colleagues, barely friends, are disgruntled with the hands they have been dealt. Elizabeth is a hard nose business woman who has lost her place on the board as time catches up with her looks. David is lazy and just wants everything for nothing, while Jay is an ex-police officer with a secret.

Elizabeth is the driving force behind the reckless act of calling on Satan. David is dragged along like a sheep by Elizabeth’s personality while Jay is an unwilling participant, but he is the only one with the knowledge to summon the Dark Lord.

Jay is fooled into revealing the simple secret to the ritual held at Chanctonbury Hill and before he knows it the other two have complete the rite. At first nothing changes until the journey home. Their car suffers total power failure and isolated in darkness on a country lane they become plagued by a legion of demonic beasts followed by their master.

Satan in human form is male, tall, slim and almost Aryan in colouring. The look is completed by a handsome face and white-blonde, collar-length hair. This is not the archetypal Devil who walks amongst us, inconspicuous and unassuming. This Devil is full of charisma with an entertaining presence that makes him stand out from the crowd. His clothing is equally flamboyant with designer jeans, Italian brown leather shoes and a frilly white shirt. He insists on being the centre of attention and easily attracting a crowd with his magnetic personality. His manner is as theatrical as his appearance, over-emphasising every word with hand movements. Satan is familiar with the area and takes up residence in an old pub called The Chanctonbury Full House.

After a debate a deal is offered for a lottery jackpot win to David and for Elizabeth to be 15 years younger. Satan explains that he is not after any ones soul, for all souls belong to God and are not the property of the bodies in which they reside; for you cannot bargain with that which is not yours. All Satan wants is a sin; murder, rape, assault, theft or simple gluttony are the options. Of course the two choose gluttony as the ancient tale of John of Beverley is retold in modern terms. Jay refuses any offers and is revealed as a good man who was forced to leave the police when he tried to save parentless children from sexual abuse that involved men of power and fame.

Satan takes Jay to a children’s home and allows him to stop the rape of a young girl. Satan offers Jay such power and authority that only our egocentric politicians would dream of, but Jay will not be duped into a contract. Satan reveals to Jay the true nature of this world as one of selfishness, greed, and vanity together with the global conspiracy to keep the common people firmly in their place. Satan forces Jay to visit an opulent fashion show and then witness a child starving, yet he still fails to persuade Jay to enter into an arrangement.

Elizabeth and David complete their side of the deal and live a wild night of gluttony and in doing so become guilty of all the heinous sins originally offered by Satan. The Devil fulfils his side of the contract also, but the two will never reap their prizes, for their souls are lost to the Devil. Jay remains resolute and not tempted by evil...or perhaps he has another agenda?... Has Jay stolen the power from Satan’s hands without a deal being struck? Has the Great Deceiver been deceived by Jay all along or did he let Jay have what he wanted for free? A final twist is revealed at the very end.

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