The Digital Detective

Creator: Alan Hoffman
Age rating: Everyone
In the near future, Archimedes 9, a former robot butler and opera aficionado, wishes to start a business as a private detective. He sees an opportunity to solve a case when a prominent businessman is kidnapped by teleporter during the opening ceremony of an amusement park.
Synopsis: The Digital Detective is set in Silicon City: a bustling, multicultural metropolis of the near future that by today's standards is both marvelous and maddening. Technology that is years ahead of our own is commonplace to its people, and gizmos and gadgets abound.

Yet the most significant development and difference from our times is more a social change than mechanical one. A new population has materialized in Silicon City, seeking equality and acceptance as it struggles to find its place within society. This population is made up of robots.

Archimedes 9 is a former robot butler whose fondest wish is to be a private detective. This is largely because Archimedes shares a name with a fictional character: a robot detective in a popular series of novels written by Archimedes’ deceased builder, Simon Bradford.

Yet Archimedes has a distinct persona aside from his literary counterpart. While the detective of the novels is more akin to a Sam Spade or Mike Hammer, the “real” Archimedes is somewhat eccentric and scatterbrained. His approach to life, however, incorporates a persevering and optimistic attitude.

Archimedes has little luck with his fledgling private detective agency, until he learns that Raymond Gideon, a prominent businessman, has been kidnapped by teleporter. The persistent detective offers help to police Lieutenant Morgan to solve the case. Morgan, gruff and pessimistic, dismisses Archimedes, turning to the expertise of Rachel Donaldson, a technical expert. Archimedes attempts his own investigation, posing as a reporter to interview Sarah Jennings, Gideon's girlfriend, and Gerald Wallace, Gideon's' business associate. Yet the questioning turns up no clues.

Meanwhile, Xavier 5 - an infamous robot criminal - issues a public demand for ransom for Raymond Gideon to Gideon's company.

Gyro, Archimedes' robot friend, finds out that one of three people who were onstage with Gideon during the amusement park ceremony may have assisted in Gideon's kidnapping. Archimedes questions the subjects, again arriving at a dead end. Just then he receives a distress call from Gyro, who had been following a lead on the teleporter that the kidnappers used to abduct Gideon.

Archimedes rushes to Lieutenant Morgan for help to rescue Gyro. Morgan reluctantly lets Rachel Donaldson assist Archimedes in finding his missing friend. Soon they begin to piece together Gyro's location, who Xavier 5's accomplices are, and where Gideon is being held.

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