Creator: Larisa Isaeva
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Cheerful fairy tale about the meeting of “two halves”, who themselves create barriers in their relationship. She proudly calls herself “asexual”,she despises carnal joys – but he is a guy for all jobs...D'you know about Antisexual's movement? Wow! It's cool!Or no?
Synopsis: Questions of sex and physical copulation always excited mankind. In all centuries! In 20-th century the mankind has gone through so-called sexual revolution - free love, free feelings, free sex. Now, in 21 century, people were satiated with sex, a sensuality, a pornography and have thought up a new way of the protest: against sex in general! There was a new movement - movement of the asexuals! Sex destroys the person, speaks asexuals. Physical copulation stirs to spiritual development of the person, they approve. Whether they are right?
Musical comedy ANTISEX is the movie about it!. The statistics approves, that each 100-th inhabitant of the Earth - asexual! Also it is very serious problem of that time in which we live! But... The Mankind being dared will leave the complexes and lacks! We have tried to consider very serious problem of our epoch through a comedy.
This is the not boring story about sexual disfunction, not the cool erotic movie. This is the funniest fairy tale about love! The love story between ordinary man and not so ordinary woman… She’s not sexless – she’s just a member of a new movement against a sex!
Of course, in a big city almost every one thinks about sex ... But what else about if you live in a big city? But only ones are thinking about having sex with love. And the others - with hatred. And these "others" have already appeared! They call themselves an asexual persons... Ivan’s loved Maria. Maria was crazy about Ivan. He’s a damn attractive. She’s an incredibly beautiful. He’s a rising star of a screen. She’s a sportswoman, the teacher of a water aerobics. Who would have thought that Maria was asexually girl? Ivan just couldn’t. But they got married, no matter what! The wedding night was a nightmare…And Ivan decided to act...
The concept of this movement is: sex could destroy your individuality! But the man-hero will find the way how to fight for his love! And of course: Love always wins!

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  • Test Movie 1 - Anti-Sex
    Creative Notes:
    This version is designed for a remake, which could be addressed in America. Antisexual's movement originated in America, therefore, seems to me that this theme would be very interesting for American audiences.