Toodles The Pink Poodle

Creator: Bea Roose
Age rating: Everyone
This is a animated hero story that involves a fun pack of Dalmatian dogs with rainbow color spots, as well as a funny Pink Poodle named Toodles. They become hero's when they save Winston, one of their pack, as well as a few Firemen in a blazing fire.
Synopsis: This is intended to be a family friendly animated film..A happy pack of Dalmatians are preparing for their pack leader Toodles Birthday Party. They are making their making their way around town to visit friends and remind them it is Toodle's Birthday ... When the pack reaches the fire department to visit their friends the Pack can see a fire across the street with their pack friend Winston trapped inside. They rush over to rescue Winston. One of the pack jumps through the window in an attempt to save Winston. In the process they all wind up saving a few of the firemen. It is a hero story your children and family will love and is destine to be a classic.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Bea's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is an animated film script featuring a pack of rainbow spotted Dalmatians and a pink Poodle that are on a birthday adventure. As they travel about town they encounter a fire. Their dog friend Winston is trapped. They help the Firemen save Winston and a Firemen. It is a true hero story that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. This film is destine to be a classic for the family.