"Son's of Midnight"

Creator: Derek Thomas
Age rating: Everyone
The THUN are an ancient evil, old when the earth was young. Dormant for ages, they're now stirring. An unlikely alliance is formed between the Wolf and the Vampyr nation in order to counter this threat to their world - and to ours.
Synopsis: The THUN make supposed "monsters" fear the dark ...

They are what mankind have always perceived as demons/devils. Mankind has allied themselves with the THUN in order to eliminate the vampyr nation, and the wolf nation. An ancient pact was signed between the Kings of Men and with the vampyr nation, whereby the vampyr nation agreed to only take what it needed to survive from the ranks of men. Provided - an agreed amount of humans were provided to them.

Mankind has a way of not honoring treaties or agreements that were signed, and now that mankind has comparable modern weapons, they choose to ignore the pact that was signed - because they believe that their weapons and their unholy alliance now grant them the upper hand ... but you can never trust a deal made with the devil ...

Velzad - the Bloodking of the Vampyr nation, and Cutter Rom, Lord of the Wolf Nation, form an uneasy alliance between traditional enemies, in order to battle the greater threat that the THUN represent.

This is a story told on an epic scale, featuring multiple individual battles, as well as sweeping battles between the forces of the THUN and the eventual combined armies of the vampyr and wolf nations. Technology and magic are the weapons used, along with sword and edged weapons of every sort. It's a story about courage, loyalty, and ultimately sacrifice among men who've stared death in the face ... and kept fighting.

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