Creator: Maurice Durham
Genre: Drama
Age rating: Everyone
A love story surrounded by the drama of the post office
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: During a retirement dedication in his honor, a large audience applauds postal worker STEEN MONTGOMERY. The emotional man reflects back to his first day hiring into the post office. With raised right hands, Steen joins a large group of postal workers as they repeat the postal oath being administered by a postal official. He establishes close bonds with three people in his group. They are SUSAN MCKINLEY, a struggling mother of two, BRIAN HENRY, an increasingly hostile Vietnam veteran, and TERRI O'KALLO, with whom Steen is immediately smitten.

Steen’s affections for Terri grow as his strong desire to succeed lead him into a management position. Steen and Terri become engaged, but he loses Terri when he repeats the same mistake he held against his father, even until death.

Antagonist DELBERT MARSHALL, head administrator on tour two, is captivated by Angela and wields his authority to gain control of her and others for his own purposes.

Marshall is determined to make Brian's life miserable because of the veteran's insistence on wearing his army fatigues to work everyday instead of his postal uniform. Brian's problems at work and at home cause old war wounds to re-surface.

Steen wrestles with the price he has paid to be successful. He and Marshall clash when Marshall demands he call Brian back to work after Steen had given his troubled friend some time off. Steen refuses, taking off his red supervisor's badge and laying it before Marshall.

Though Steen suspects that he and Terri's estrangement will also be until death, he is happily surprised when the compassionate woman is able to forgive him.

Marshall pushes Brian over the limit, and the war veteran empties his closet of its arsenal of weapons. The day becomes the deadliest in postal history. Marshall's death heads the number of killed postal workers. Brian unknowingly fires a shot that hits his friend, Terri.

Steen, demoted back to his mail route, hears the news of a shooting at the main post office while delivering mail on a downtown street. He rushes back to the chaotic scene to find the lot filled with squad cars, tactical officers, paramedics, and hundreds of emotional postal workers. Steen ignores officers and runs into the building where he finds Terri lying on the floor covered with blood. A tactical officer's bullet fells Brian, allowing Steen to carry Terri out of the building.

The retiring Steen is again standing before the applauding audience. An aged Terri moves over and embraces the emotional man. As they leave the building for the last time, Steen and Terri witness a new group of postal workers with their right hands raised, repeating the postal oath.

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