Hortense and Harry

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Hortense and Harry meet and fall in love at the Hazardous Waste Processing and Disposal Depot. They work together there taking in and taking care of regular household and industrial poisons and toxins. There is a sacrificial tribal element to their lives and love affair.
Synopsis: Harry and Hortense meet in the morning at the Hazardous Material Depot. It is new to the little town. They are both new to the job. They are young and beautiful and meet there. Hortense is late.
There is a brand new time clock. They both have back stories. Harry wanted to be an environmental scientist and this was the best job he could get. He and Hortense both intend to move up and move on, but end up trapped in the lives of public servants in a small town serving "The Tribe". As the town grows, so does its wastes.
Hortense and Harry are the Hazardous Materials experts who work and work there and in the town, trying to keep up with the toxins and poisons till finally Fracking comes on the scene.
The town and county bows to economic pressures and the short term incentives and allows for Fracking so that Hortense and Harry do a war dance and kill those responsible with bows and arrows and tomahawks.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Hortense and Harry
    Creative Notes:
    it is a MOV video of the Story Board that I drew on a board, a piece of wood, so literally it is a storyboard. I hope you like it.