Brand New Bag of Blues

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
Patrick E. Briggs is pulled into a West Coast road trip, gathering together a band of extraordinary blues musicians. As he races through his journey, he reclaims his wasted talent, accepts destiny, and realizes everyone has a path and there's always a way to get back to it.
Synopsis: Patrick E. Briggs has lost his parents, his girlfriend, and his apartment... Then life gets complicated. After meeting the mysterious Tilley, Patrick is pulled into a West Coast road trip gathering band members in an attempt to reclaim his wasted talent, sense of self, and defeat his rivals at the annual Seattle Alternative Dance competition. With the help of the omnipresent guitarist Jack Knife, and the rest of his patch-work of a band, Patrick must master the blues, and reclaim the life he was meant to live. Its a musical, its a road show, It's a Brand New Bag of Blues.

Latest Work

  • Video 6 - Short Premise Trailer made by C. Martinelli for Matthew's project
    Creative Notes:
    A short premise trailer. Rockin' blues music. Clips from the star-dialog-track made by actress Alison Pill. Trailer made by C. Martinelli for Matthew's project.
  • Script 6 - Matthew's 6th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    THANK YOU Amazon Team for your help; this community rocks! Page one shows a little more of the deep rooted suck in Patrick's life. The ultimate challange between the Sick Sad Souls and Patrick takes place in Irvine. Bo challenges Jack Knife to a guitar battle. Patrick and Tilley have a better fight... wheel chair fighting, enlightened Emo kids, helicopter rides and more! Enjoy Draft 6 of BNBB.

All Work

  • Video 2 - Teaser Trailer by C. Martinelli for Matthew's project
    Creative Notes:
    Teaser trailer featuring the great kind of music the screenplay promises to deliver. Fun, romantic, energetic, musical screenplay. Trailer made by C. Martinelli for Matthew's project. Music by Doug Cox, and The Diplomats of Solid Sound. Tilley voiced by star-dialog-track actress Alison Pill. Too short for the competition. I made it just for fun!
  • Video 1 - Premise Trailer. Made by C. Martinelli for Matthew's project
    Creative Notes:
    Premise Trailer. An energetic, fun, romantic, musical screenplay. Tilley voiced by Alison Pill from the project's star-dialog track. Music by Bluesdusters "She's my Woman". Trailer made by C. Martinelli for Matthew's project "Brand New Bag of Blues".
  • Script 5 - Matthew's 5th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Go directly to DRAFT 6, do not click download, do not collect 200 dollars.

    Thank you and enjoy the latest and hopefully final draft of BNBB.
  • Script 4 - Matthew's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a musical that will rock your socks. Welcome to draft four. For those of you just joining us, you'll need to hit up the discussion page for a link to a Youtube Playlist so you can sing along while you read. Returning readers will be happy to find that the court room scene actually reads like a court room scene, and a final fight scene between Patrick and The Band Leader. Thank you all!
  • Script 3 - Matthew's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The missing scene has been found, and restored. Robby's charecter is resolved. Jack Knife's first "magic act" is shown in his introduction. Few speeling errors have been corrected. All and all, it pleases me, and I hope it rocks you the audiance.
  • Script 2 - Matthew's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Draft 3 offers the same heart, but cleaned up spelling, and some altered scenes that drive the scene forward rather than slow it down. For the maximum quality reading experience, please also see the PLAYLIST discussion page so you can listen while you read.
  • Script 1 - Matthew's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Thank you all for all the downloads. I am simply amazed that more than three people have downloaded it. Please go see the revised DRAFT 4 for a greatly improved version of the script. Also enjoy the dialogue track by the wonderful Allison Pill. Thanks again fellow writers and Amazon Staff!