Facing Death

Creator: Matt Sparks
Age rating: 13 and older
The murder of Jenny Shore has gotten many names on the wrong man's list. Tied to a chair and clinging to life, a man is met by a dark stranger with ambiguous intentions. Faced with the darkness of his past, he's forced to make a choice between redemption... or facing death
Synopsis: A man sits bound to a chair pleading for help in an empty, dark, run down building. A man walks through a run down neighborhood watching it's inhabitants' daily lives unfold, none seem to notice him. The man is Chase Black, an enforcer for the "big boss". He makes his way up some stairs into the run down building. He lights a cigarette, illuminating the man bound to a chair. The man cries for help. Chase seems to not even acknowledge the man's brutally cut up face as he begins to speak like a professor in front of a class. Chase tells of the murder of seventeen year old Jenny Shore and that he's the man responsible for it... or is he? The bound man just sobs. Chase tells him Jenny's father almost got to him before he could. Luckily, Chase is willing to give the man a choice: Redemption or Face Death.

The outcome is one you have to watch as mounting tension builds between the two men and Chase's identity is revealed!

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Everyone Meets Death
    Creative Notes:
    This version is actually more of a couple scenes put together in a linear order rather than a short film. The plane crashing CGI was not originally in the first version. We had a few people from the crew doing the "monster" sounds you hear, it was hilarious! The main actor, Jered, doesn't smoke and at the end of the 2 day shoot he had smoked 5 packs! A feature length script was written after this.