The Incredible Story of my Great Grandmother Olive

Age rating: Everyone
Olive is an old lady living alone in her country house, but an alien crashes his spaceship in her garden. A love at first sight begins between them but the Army appears in the scene to catch the Alien, but she isn´t willing to allow it. A new Olive emerges and rescues him.
Synopsis: Olive grows up in a traditional family, soon she felt interested in art. When she is 18, her father an dictatorial Army Captain wants for her marriage with a young promise military man, but she realizes that it is not the kind of life which she desire, and in her wedding day she escapes. Her father sends the whole Army leaded by her military boyfriend to catch her, but finally she escapes.
Now is 1950, and Olive is a lovely old lady who spent her life as photographer, she lives far from the city, alone in her country house, close to the nature and taking care of her garden. She decides live there in order to avoid a strict society which reminds her to much to her dictatorial father.
One day a spaceship crashes next to her house, the pilot escapes from the cockpit using a parachute, but unfortunately, he lands over her favorites flowers. She thinks that after 60 years the army still trying to catch her, but when the pilot takes off his helmet at the first sight she discovers someone really different. Someone who comes from other world. Soon they like each other, he shows to her pictures taken in the space, and she shows him her pictures taken along her life in different places. But suddenly, in the middle of this happiness, lots of trucks and soldiers appears around them, the Army detected the crash of the spaceship and they arrive to catch the alien, leading the army is Olive´s ex-boyfriend. He finds the revenge opportunity; the soldiers catch the alien and lead him to the military base to examine him. Olive is not willing to allow it; she realizes that the Alien left a kind of mechanic wheelchair, she think that it could be useful to chase the trucks. She does but when she approaches the army base, dozens of tanks and soldiers fight against her. She began to touch the wheelchair buttons trying to find any weapon, but instead the wheelchair transforms itself in a tremendous robot. Now the tanks escapes leaving her the path clean to rescue her new friend, but her ex-boy friend will not allow it.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Olive
    Creative Notes:
    This film achieved an Oscar Nomination in the Student Academy Awards:
    It is my graduation short film at the NFTS (UK) as animation film director, but I always thought in this story as a feature animated film, obviously creating a new character designs, developing deeper each character, adding new ones, extending the whole plot, etc.