Age rating: 17 and older
Charles Randolph Bruce

Good terrorists fight evil terrorist in the Tigris Valley.

Synopsis: Osama bin Laden is killed at Tora Bora in 2001. It becomes a state secret.
The irrelevant governments of the world are politically hamstrung to do anything meaningful about the terrorists and Western Civilization will be on the verge of economic collapse if they succeed.
A strong conglomeration of western industrialists realizes the governments are unable to protect their interests and so create their own terrorists team led by Worthington Fox.
Their mission is to terrorize the terrorists.
Alex Gordon, a Scottish black-ops soldier, joins two Iraqi-born brothers and an Iraqi woman named Qurra, who want to get all foreign interlopers out of Iraq and bring peace.
Fox "creates" an Osama bin Laden to confuse his Al Qaeda followers.
Salem Aziz, a supplier of bombs and suicide bombers, and his woman, Zafira, a woman of many obsessions, carry out the deadly plans of the colorful Jinjing, a Chinese businessman representing his Eastern overlords.
The playing field: the Tigris Valley of Iraq.
The objective: to control the oil fields of the Middle-East.
The Orientals’ plan: to keep the chaos and bloodshed churned to a high pitch, giving them the opportunity to seize control.
Jinjing ups the ante by placing a nuclear bomb in the abdominal cavity of a vengeful bomber with the intention of taking out a large portion of the Kurdish population, perpetuating the bloody wars of the Middle East and making crude oil prices skyrocket.
Enter the Chinese to bring order and claim the oil assets.
Once the plot is uncovered, our heroes are charged with stopping the slaughter of the northern people and thwarting the Chinese capitalists’ takeover of the region’s oil.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Charles Randolph's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Tigris is a story located around the Tigris River in Iraq and has to do with how outsiders are using religious extremists sometimes known as the "Islamic State" whose zeal can be turned individually and en mass, to build a power base and gain control of the region’s rich oil fields.
    --Based on the novel "The Twelfth Imam"