Warden's Lullaby

Creator: Kathy Bobo
Age rating: 17 and older
Logline : A new prison warden discovers a condemned woman is seven months pregnant.

Synopsis: This is the first night for Persia Holiday as the new warden of the Lafayette Correctional Facility for Men, and her first duty is to carry out the execution of Mary Ann Mccausland and she makes a startling discovery, the condemned woman is pregnant and upon further examination by prison physician, Dr. John Edwards, confirms that Mary Ann is seven months pregnant.

Persia Holiday tours the death unit and finds Mary Ann’s quarters are designed like a condominium apartment with appliances, furniture, kitchen and food, and with its own private entrance and exit, and maid service. After taking in the view from the patio, Persia Holiday and Lt. Joseph Goodblood discover Cardinal Lawrence Dorsey in Mary Ann Mccausland’s cell, and he informs Persia Holiday that he is Mary Ann Mccausland’s spiritual advisor.

Hindering Persia Holiday investigation are two major antagonists, Governor Donna Lackland and the prison Psychologist, Dr. Allen Brody. It’s a year of a major election and Governor Lackland is running for President of the United States. Persia Holiday allowed late night news reporter Susan Dean and her cameraman into the execution chamber and Governor Lackland learned of the nights events from the late night news. The second antagonist is Dr. Allen Brody and has the attitude that he runs Lafayette Correctional Facility and he uses the prison and a select group of inmates within the facility to operate an illegal generic pharmaceutical manufacturing operation. Among the select group of Dr. Brody’s trusted inmates is Teaspoon, and he is the leader of the group of trustees.

Persia’s research into the prisons past history uncovers a series of mysterious inmate deaths within the past three years. She decides to seek some answers from the former Warden, Russell Smith. Upon arriving at his home, she makes a gruesome discovery when she finds Russell Smith dead in his home with a bullet in his head.

The Trustees get angry when they learn of Governor Lackland’s plans to have an emergency C-Section, by Executive Order preformed on Mary Ann Mccausland, and they get even angrier after Teaspoon is discovered almost dead from a drug overdose in his cell. The trustees believe Dr. Brody tried to kill Teaspoon, but they don’t know why. Persia Holiday orders that Teaspoon be transferred to a hospital outside the prison. Governor Lackland sends a team of doctors to the prison with an Executive Order to have C-Section procedure on Mary Ann Mccausland. The trustees hatch a plan of diversion, a riot.

By orders of Governor Lackland, the team of doctors, arrive at the prison and are met with bitter objection from Persia Holiday. Chief Justice Hayes sends the State Supreme Court, Court Order to the prison by the State Police, but when the helicopter attempts to land on the roof of the prison the tower guard shoots down the helicopter at the same time as a riot breaks out. During the riot, the inmates take the doctors prisoner.

Also during the riot, Persia Holiday and one of the guards go into the death unit and the death row inmates have escaped. A mysterious gunman shoots and kills the guard as Persia is trying to question him at the prison. Persia searches Mary Ann Mccausland cell and discovers that she has escaped via a secret passageway that lead outside the prison.

Governor Donna Lackland calls in the State National Guard to put down the riot. Persia and her boyfriend FBI agent, Jeffery Stevens go to the hospital with the intent of questioning Teaspoon. Teaspoon was to be kept under twenty-four hour guard, but when the guard is found dead in the medical supply room they decide to move Teaspoon to another location outside the hospital and as they are leaving they get into shootout with a mysterious gunman. The later, the gunman is not so when it turns out to be Mary Ann Mccausland.

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