The Pass

Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
Married couple Jason and Anna agree to give each other a "Pass": one celebrity they are allowed to sleep with, guilt free, if they ever by chance meet them. Now that Anna has a chance to use her Pass with a hunky superstar, Jason will go to great lengths to stop her.
Synopsis: Jason and Anna decide to give each other a "pass" on their wedding night: one celebrity they can sleep with without any guilt or repercussions. Anna chooses Matt McAdams, a hunky A-list actor. It's all in good fun and neither take it seriously, at least until two years later, when Anna, a costume designer, is hired to work on McAdams' new film.

Jason is immediately jealous and distressed, and everytime Anna calms him down, his best friend Jonah strikes the fear of adultery back into his heart. Jason decides to get in shape to compete with McAdams, but he quickly realizes it's a lost cause. He throws an uber-romantic birthday party for Anna on a private yacht, but McAdams once again steals the show after saving a dolphin.

Jason thinks he can turn the tables on Anna by getting with his Pass, Angelina Jolie, but Angelina Jolie isn't exactly crazy about the idea. Finally, Jason and Jonah crash Anna's job, the ironic Oscar-bait drama "The Wife Taker" hoping McAdams will lose his patience and "pull a Christian Bale."

Anna, fed up with Jason and his lack of trust, heads off to Italy with the film crew and McAdams, ready to finally cash in her Pass and enjoy it. Jason spends his life savings to follow her. After invading the Vatican and almost drowning in the Trevi Fountain, he realizes that trust is vital to his marriage, and that to love something is to set it free.

A monogamous relationship between man and wife is just as complicated as our relationship to celebrity culture, and in the end, Jason and Anna realize that rules and games and passes are nothing when it comes to just flat out being in love with one another.

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    This is a full length dialogue track for the Amazon award winning comedy, THE PASS.

    Note: There are some breaks in dialogue where visuals would fill in for a test movie.
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    This is a dialogue track for THE PASS.
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    A fun table read of a very funny script. Performed by actors in Baltimore, MD.
  • Test Movie 1 - Table Read
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    This is a table read produced by Frank Pasquine and Jack Picone, which includes performances from NYC's UCB improv members. THE PASS is a Semifinalist for the $100,000 Best Movie and $10,000 table read - check it out!