Age rating: 13 and older
A high-adrenaline film about star-destroying aliens with Earth now in their path.
Synopsis: Scientists discover giant planets around a distant star which excites the public and professionals alike. John Wilson, a junkie astronomer, is convinced these discoveries are in fact planet sized spaceships and broadcasts his beliefs at a local conspiracy theory radio station. Meanwhile, 500 light years away, these Zerkonean star destroyers are draining the life out of the Hilma Sun to power their fleet, when one Hilma ship barely escapes and picks up John's precise transmissions from Earth and communicates with him from space.The Hilma survivors inform John that the Zerkonean star destroyers traveling at warp speed are heading towards Earth. The Hilma possess a super-weapon that can destroy the Zerkoneans, but requires plutonium to power. John, known as a radical recluse in the professional world must obtain plutonium and convince the world of the urgency before the Zerkoneans arrive.

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