Age rating: 13 and older
A bank employee working in Spain learns through a computer program that the Mayan prediction of the world ending on December 21st 2012 might actually come true, so 30 days before the fateful day he rushes to Argentina to prepare to save himself and the woman he loves.
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Synopsis: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2012. Nottingham, England. JOHN (35) finds solace in the Instant Messages he shares with KATE who works at the Los Angeles branch of John’s bank. They’ve never met, but he really enjoys their conversations. He feels disillusioned at work, and spends the majority of his time calculating the risk of doing business with certain clients based on a program of his own design. One night, Kate jokes about how the Mayan’s predicted the end of the world on December 21st, 2012. As a joke, John decides to plug the scenario into his computer program to calculate the odds of it coming true.

The next morning, he reads the results that suggest a “social psychosis of a terrible happening” on December 21st, 2012. The words “global scale,” “massive shareholders retreat,” and “Insufficient funds,” are used. John brings the results to his BOSS but he’s not taken seriously. John then turns to his friend, CHARLES who basically tells him that if the economic system fails, we all return to The Middle Ages. John is worried that there is not enough currency in circulation if everyone withdrew all their money at the same time, but Charles assures him that the hypothetical scenario is impossible. He returns home and conducts his own research on the Internet.

Meanwhile Kate takes the train to Auburn where her family throws her a birthday party and invites all of her relatives. However, her family expects her to settle down and have children soon, but she doesn’t want to live her life according to other’s expectations. She has grown increasingly frustrated with her current situation. Kate returns to Los Angeles where she goes back to work at the bank. After her friend and co-worker, JULIE, tries to talk her into going on a double date, Kate rejects it.

On Monday, November 26th John takes a flight to Los Angeles. During the flight, he reads an article about the deserted island of Nauru. John lands in L.A. thinking about a plan. He hops into a cab, and lets the mexican driver, JORGE, pick a hotel for him. Jorge gives John his phone number and says he might be able to arrange an apartment for him to stay during a month. Inside his hotel room, John IM’s Kate, and they arrange to meet during her lunch break.

Before lunch, John heads down to the port and speaks with an OLD BEARDED MAN. They bargain over some unknown commodity before settling on $100,000. John meets Kate at a pizza place. She’s shocked to see him, and John makes up a story about being called here on business. Julie questions Kate when she returns, and doesn’t trust John's story. Meanwhile, John hears back from Jorge about an available apartment.

John calls Kate at work, and he asks her out to dinner. She agrees, but makes it perfectly clear that it isn’t a date. Before dinner, John goes to the stock exchange and makes a large investment. He then meets Kate at the restaurant and she opens up about being stuck in her monotonous job. She continues to grow more suspicious about his reasons for being in Los Angeles, but gives him the benefit of the doubt. After dinner, she invites him to a barbecue one of her friends is having for her birthday.

On Friday, November 30th, John learns from the STOCKBROKER that he lost out on his investment, and should have sold one day earlier. That night, he goes to Kate’s barbecue. Julie corners him, and immediately begins asking questions about why he’s here, and his answers are not very convincing. After getting complaints from the neighbors about the noise, the party moves to a disco. John watches from a distance as Kate gets drunk. He then gets into a fight with a MAN who tries to force himself on her. John calls Jorge to pick them up. Julie won’t let Kate go home alone, so she tags along.

On the next Sunday, John inquires about a plot of land, and begins researching apartments in the Crenshaw neighborhood. He then poses as the head of Forum Inc, a powerful British construction company that’s now expanding into the Los Angeles market. He starts to sell non-existent apartments, and creates incentives for potential buyers. He then checks back in with the Old Bearded Man at the port, and they discuss fuel costs.

John also meets Kate and she apologizes for being drunk when out at the club. They get into a little argument about whether or not everyone has an equal opportunity to change their future.

A few days later, John phones Charles back in England and asks him to be the best man in his wedding on the 20th. Charles says he will make the travel arrangements.

John continues to finalize details with the Old Bearded Man at the port, and seals non-existent apartment deals with locals at the plot of land. Some days later, John speaks with a YOUNG WOMAN about the apartments as Kate watches from a distance, and grows jealous. Kate approaches John when the woman leaves, and she doesn’t believe his story about knowing her from Nottingham.

On Friday, December 14th, John pays the Old Bearded Man who reassures him that he will take care of everything. John then purchases a shotgun at an army shop, but has to return on Tuesday to pick it up.

The following day, Kate arrives to have dinner at John’s apartment. She opens up about being reserved around men because all her male relationships, including her father, have resulted in heartbreak. She asks him not to break her heart before they make love in his room. In the morning, John convinces Kate to take time off work so they can go on a trip together.

On Tuesday, December 18th John picks up the shotgun and ammunition from the army shop. But meanwhile, Kate’s on the phone to the Nottingham office at work when she casually brings up John coming overseas for a real estate project. She learns there is no real estate project. John lied. Furious and feeling betrayed, Katie immediately goes to John’s apartment and walks in on him dancing around with his shotgun. He tries to explain, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She won’t answer any of his IM’s. He tries to call her at her apartment, but Kate threatens to call the police. The next day, John and Jorge load boxes out of a building into the cab.

On Thursday, December 20th, John wakes up to complete chaos. On the news, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES declares martial law. John realizes he was one day off when predicting the end of the world. Katie and Julie are trapped inside the bank as panicked people try to withdraw their money. Jorge and John pick up Charles at the airport. They immediately drive to the bank, and demand to be let inside. John tells Kate he loves her, and knows a safe place where they can go. They file into Jorge’s taxi and ride to the port where the Old Bearded Man welcomes John, Charles, Kate and Julie aboard a boat bound for Nauru. John gives Jorge a can of fuel so he can drive home to his hometown El Olvido. Once the boat sails, Kate embraces John, now realizing that he knew this was going to happen.

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