Age rating: 13 and older
A montley crue team of outlaws must band together for the heist of their lives, the safe extraction and escort of the wildest criminal in the west.
Synopsis: In the Wild West state of Arizona, a gang known as the Red Death has been terrorizing the local towns, massacring all those who stand in their way. The riche grandfather of two of the victims, El Caruyo, hires his trusted associates to seek our Tamalon Ramirez, the leader of the Red Death, and bring him back to his estate dead or alive.

The two associates of Caruyo, Sandoval and Trejo, spread the world of the large bounty on Tamalon's head and quickly everyone in the state of Arizona consider becoming bounty hunters. After a brief run in with the Red Death which nearly ends their lives, Sandoval and Trejo are saved by a female bounty hunter by the name of Christina Whetstone who is a genius extractor with nerves of steel. She saves their lives and becomes the leader of their team after witnessing the destruction left behind by the Red Death.

Meanwhile, Tamalon's gang has decided to turn him in for the bounty choosing his right hand man, Baca, as their new leader. Tamalon narrowly escapes and finds himself walking the desert for days without food or water. He ends up in the town of Tucson where he is arrested by Sheriff Duke Howards and locked away in their holding cell.

Christina, Sandoval, and Trejo get word of his capture and plan to break him out of jail. Together, they scout out two new members to their team: Meeshka, a prodigy sniper and Angel,a former member of the Red Death. The 5 Arizona Outlaws, now a complete team, plan out the heist and come down hard on the town of Tucson. However, the Red Death are there waiting for them, planning to manipulate the situation to their advantage.

After the simple jail break goes terribly wrong, The Arizona Outlaws find themselves on the run from both the Red Death and the Tucson Sheriffs alike, with Tamalon in their custody. In a race against all odds, the Outlaws start to fall one by one, until they reach Caruyo's Estate where they find everyone there massacred and the bounty has already been lifted. The Red Death has once again been one step ahead of them and holds the surviving Outlaws in their custody.

Christina helps Meeshka escape before succumbing to the Red Death's perversion. Both Sandoval and Christina are pitted against each other in a battle to the death, acting as entertainment for the gang. In a chance act of fate, Meeshka spots the Sheriifs camping not to far from the Estate and tricks them into following her.

In a bloody climax, The Sheriffs and the Red Death are locked in a shoot out while Christina, Sandoval, and Meeshka escape. In order to allow Christina to escape, Sandoval sacrifices himself, allowing the two women to live another day.

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  • Script 1 - Timothy's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The Western Genre is coming back in a BIG WAY! With Arizona Outlaws, I am hoping to pave the way for the Return of the Western. This script has got everything you loved about the westerns and spaghetti westerns of old: Heists, Horse Chases, Over The Top Shoot outs, dirty cowboys, Sand Pirates, Anti-Heroes, Anti-Villains, Romance, drama, comedy, thrills and CHILLS!!!! Don't miss out on all the fun!