Great White in Great Britain

Creator: Mr Adam Kelly
Age rating: 17 and older
Numerous sightings of Great White sharks in British waters have been rumoured over the years as the temperature rises. But what happens when rumours turn to reality off the beaches of the country's number one and traditional spot for summer vacations? All hell breaks loose.
Synopsis: In England, when the summer sun sits in a cloudless blue sky, shining down on the picturesque south coast, the unique, history-rich city of Brighton becomes a beach paradise for holidaymakers. With the busiest season in full swing and a festival on the horizon, one man will be faced with a summer that's as hot as hell when the deadliest marine predator finds its way from the warm waters of Spain to the iconic British holiday destination.

When a young boy is discovered by the coast guard after witnessing his parents succumb to a horrifying shark attack on the luxury family boat, alarm bells ring in the head of Beach Patrol Unit Officer Jack Fuller, a handsome young Floridian who moved to England to make a difference and start a family with his gorgeous fiance Alice. A killer shark, in England? Who could be believe it? But Jack's seen it before.

Compelled by the young boy's description of the predator, Jack, not sure whether he's right or wrong for even entertaining the idea, desperately attempts to convince the authorities to investigate the possibility of a shark in the waters. An idea that no one wants to hear, especially not in the summer season.

What follows is a bloody adventure that spins out of control. Jack's friends start turning against him, his career walks a fine line between do or die, he uncovers a lucrative money laundering plot, political corruption, and his life begins to crumble under the pressure of seeing the shark investigation through to the end or dropping it like a bad habit. But how many innocent victims will have to die before anyone is convinced that a Great White is at an all-you-can-eat buffet in British waters? And will Jack and his fiance become two of them?

Great White in Great Britain is a campy rollercoaster that crashes mid-track to fuse together BRIGHTON ROCK with JAWS and PIRANHA 3D.

Expect explosions, thrills and spills because tourists make great fast food!

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