80 Degrees North

Creator: Bob Finocchioli
Age rating: Everyone
Myths, urban legends and UFOs are proven real after a team of scientists find a portal into the inner earth.
Synopsis: Caltech scientists led by the renowned Professor Barry Stein discover UFO activity at the North Pole. Dispatching a two man team to the pole, they find a portal leading to the center of the earth. The team launches a probe down the portal sending unbelievable data back to Caltech but is never heard from again.

3 years pass.

On the way to Nellis Air Force base after an air show Doug Ramsey finds himself face to face with a UFO. Chasing it, he causes the crash and loss of his wingman. Discharged from the Air Force he heads home.

At Caltech the scientists read about the close encounter and send a person to find Doug and debrief him. Rachel Jergens, a beautiful and brilliant scientist and member of the team, tells them she knows how to find him, that Doug was once her fiancé.

After agreeing to come to Pasadena, Doug meets with Rachel and the team to tell them of the encounter. He meets Rick Ross, Rachel’s current boyfriend and a member of the Caltech team. The two instantly become adversaries and rivals as Doug’s feelings for Rachel are reawakened.

Doug realizes the team has built a craft to take them down the portal and to the center of the earth. A heated discussion at Rachel’s apartment leads to a fight between Rick and Doug. Rick’s hand is badly injured. Doug then learns that Rick was to pilot the craft.

The Caltech team realizes the only way to continue the mission is to replace Rick with Doug Ramsey. Though some are torn about the decision they move forward as Doug accepts the challenge.

With Doug at the helm, they launch the Palindrome – a ship designed through a joint effort between Caltech and JPL using the latest in nuclear technology. Traveling to the center of the earth they find more than UFOs. But when they try to leave to bring the news back to the surface, they learn it was only ever to be a one way ticket. Luckily, they have Doug Ramsey with them. Doug always has to have his way, and he wants home.

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