No Longer Warriors

Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Union Corporal Seth Adams was shot through the chest during the second day of fighting at the Battle of Gettysburg. He learns that doing what is right can lead to becoming a hero, and being a hero is far from easy.
Synopsis: No Longer Warriors, is an adaptation from the novel and stage play script of the same name. The novel, by Charles H. Harrison, was published in 2003; David Dorrell wrote the play script in 2007 for Act Out Theatre, southwest New Jersey’s only professional theatre company.

The novel was inspired by the recollection of Corp. Noah B. Kimbark of Company H of the 124th New York Volunteers, who was wounded on the second day of the battle of Gettysburg. He wrote in the regimental history how he stumbled and crawled from the battlefield. “Presently, I saw some Confederates pass by carrying a wounded officer, and I got on my feet and tried to follow them, for I thought they must be going to some hospital. I managed to get several rods, then my strength failed me, and I had to sink down, and they were soon out of sight. But there was a small stream close by and some men who came to get water told me there was a house a short distance ahead with a lot of wounded Yanks in it. After a while I got to this house and remained there two nights.”

The novel, play and movie script are about both the terrible and miraculous things that happened to and among the wounded soldiers inside that house.

The house where Noah Kimbark stayed two nights and the fictional locale for the book, play and movie script exists. It stands as it did nearly 150 years ago down a country lane from the Emmitsburg Road, at the base of Round Top, and not far from Plum Run, the “small stream” where the Confederates got water for their canteens. From the house’s front porch, one can look up a long slope to the plateau where Noah Kimbark’s 124th New York Volunteers were stationed July 2, 1863.

Latest Work

  • Script 3 - David's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Trimmed some more of the action and cut a bit of the dialog to tighten the flow. I removed a line from the opening narration that leaves a bit of mystery to what will happen to Seth early in the script.

    This one is available as a PDF and RTF.

All Work

  • Script 2 - David's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I removed a large amount of dialog and replaced it with action; corrected problems from Celtx conversion to rtf; incorporated a few of the suggestions from reviewers (thanks Englishmaninhouston and Stephanie Cholette); and just general dialog trimming.
  • Script 1 - David's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    There is a pdf of revision 3. This 1st version has a few formatting problems from a last minute conversion from Celtx to rtf. Dropped a few spaces, some words are lowercase that should be caps. There are also some forced page breaks that will be removed in the future. I have just added a pdf to this version that should be available to view soon.