Age rating: 17 and older
New mother, Rian, and party girl, Penny, take their coworker-turned-vigilante relationship to new heights when they experiment with danger Halloween night dressed as cops at a firing range.
Synopsis: Two office mates befriend one another after years of sharing their bleak space. They escape the daily grind with girlish pranks and retribution. 20 something, shy Penny escapes her reclusive shell as 30 something, new mother, Rian, realizes that she's got something to lose. It's all fun and games until someone gets shot.

Can this new friendship fair the storm? Or will they turn on each other when things get dangerous?

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Leigh's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This version has been edited after winning 2010 Logliners Table Read and making the quarter-finalists for NexTV Writer/Pitch Competition 2010. Some minor structural edits have been made.