Age rating: 17 and older
After the exorcism of his youngest child goes horribly wrong and leaves the mother dead, a bent out of shape father has to do everything within his powers to protect his children.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: THE ANSWER is about RICHARD LOWMAN and his three children, KAREN, RJ and LUCILLE, who have to wait a week to find out if an exorcism has been successful. The priest who has conducted it – FATHER COUGHLIN - tells them to just sit tight and wait. But he also tells Richard that regardless of the results he doesn’t want anything to do with his family. He doesn’t want to come back to the Lowman farmhouse anymore.

The whole town seems to also share that view. Although only two other people saw the exorcism of Lucille Lowman, everybody else declares the Lowmans a pariah family. Even the only psychiatrist in town is not willing to give eight year old Lucille Lowman post traumatic stress counseling.

However, even though the whole town is not willing to associate themselves with the Lowmans they are willing to turn a blind eye on a shooting that took place up there during the exorcism. Everybody knows that the shooting claimed one life. But the town has decided to adopt a “don’t ask don’t tell policy”, and everyone is acting like they don’t know about it.

However, barely a day after the exorcism, one of the two witnesses that were present, ROB ELLIS blows his brains out. Sheriff A.P. MORGAN, who was willing to turn a blind eye on the shooting at the Lowmans and the whole exorcism incident, has no choice now but to question what actually transpired at the Lowmans. And Rob Ellis seems to have been Father Coughlin’s camera man.
Meanwhile, at the Lowman farmhouse, strange things are happening. Although Lucille is now eating and talking, her behavior still leaves everybody questioning if the exorcism was successful. Everybody is waiting for an answer, especially, to the question – if the exorcism wasn’t successful, what are we going to do?

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  • Script 8 - Jamster's 1st Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I concentrated on the dialogue as I found it in need of the most work of TM's otherwise excellent SP and made it more naturalistic, less stilted and on the nose.

    I also improved the flow of scenes, character development and made it less passive.

    And at 99 (-6) pages it feels a better, faster and cleaner read.

    I hope you enjoy, and look forward to any feedback that you may have - Jim.
  • Script 1 - Tungamirai's Original Draft