Zacki's Zoo

Age rating: Everyone
Zacki's Zoo is 3-D animated comedy about a wild monkey boy who moves to the zoo. There he meets Sarah and develops feelings for her, but her Aunt Martha becomes Zacki's nemesis as she wants to control Norm City. Will Zacki fall for the girl, restore the zoo or stay wild?
Synopsis: Zacki's Zoo a 3-D Animated Comedy.
Norm city is the setting for Zacki's Zoo, a 3-D animated comedy about a boy named Zacki. He moves to the Zoo with his mom and dad to restore it after the previous veterinarian and zoo keeper were not keeping a healthy habitat for the animals. Yvette and Steve, the parents of Zacki are trying to raise a wild monkey boy at the zoo, but finding that he is starting to fall for Sarah. Animals come to life as they relate with Zacki. In the film, Bang the kangaroo, Einstein the elephant, RD the aardvark and many more animals lose their animality and begin speaking and developing human behaviors. They all work to prevent the closure of the animal's home from Martha as she seeks to expand her Amusement Park. Martha uses her rides to change people's behavior and speed up the maturity of children.
Zacki, along with his family and the animals restore the zoo's habitat to a happy and healthy place, while battling the antics of the greedy Martha with her mind altering amusement park rides. He creates community events to bring people to the zoo and raise revenue, while learning what it is like to live at the zoo. A friendship is developed with Martha's niece Sarah and Zacki must decide if he wants to grow up or hold onto his childhood behaviors.
In Zacki's Zoo the animals develop personalities and want to be more than just entertainment in a cage. Relationships between people and animals are created and the community of Norm City is changed.
Zacki- a boy who lives at the zoo and embraces his animal tendencies.
Sarah- a girl who wants to grow up fast.
Yvette- Zacki's Mom who becomes the Veterinarian at the Norm City Zoo.
Steve-O Zacki's Dad who becomes the Zookeeper at Norm City Zoo.
Martha- The owner of the Amusement Park next door who wants to expand her park by shutting down the zoo.
Jacque- Martha's evil assistant who likes to makes animals race.
Bang- A Kangaroo that helps Zacki and the animals almost save the zoo.
RD- An Aardvark that helps Zacki long with Bang.
Einstein- Elephant and oldest animal of the zoo that gives advice to all.
Bearry- Bear who loves rainbows, unicorns and Santa Claus
Cami/Camu- Sister Camels who are the drama queens of the zoo.
Gerry- Giraffe at the zoo that wants to have Zebra strips instead of spots.
Larry- The lion at the zoo who wears a hairnet.
More Zoo Animals
Health Inspector- Gives notice the zoo may shut down.
Judge- Makes a decision on the closure of the Zoo.
Mayor- Provides medals to people who build the community of Norm City.
Narrator- Tells the story of how Zacki saves the zoo.
Reporter- Tells the story of how Zacki almost saves the zoo with a questioning disposition.

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  • Script 1 - Robert J's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is the first version of Zacki's Zoo and I will be constantly making revisions as I change parts of the story. I hope to have some collaborations with people who can help me improve the story. This has been a great learning experience because I really had to break down the story and think about what does and doesn't work. I would like as much feedback as possible so read and criticize it.

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