“Set’s Brilliant’.

Age rating: 17 and older
At the beginning of the twenty first century two tragic events occurred that shook the world.
Two sacred stones of great religious value disappeared mysteriously from their resting place:
Synopsis: PROLOGUE.
At the beginning of the twenty first century two tragic events occurred that shook the world.
Two sacred stones of great religious value disappeared mysteriously from their resting place:
• - The Black Stone of Kaaba from Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and
• - The Anointing Stone from the Temple of God’s Ark in Jerusalem.
The first heroes of this story were engaged in searching for a third sacred stone. During this
search many of them endured horrible trials with some perishing along the way . But few
knew that the roots of this story traced back to ancient times. Two century before an esoteric
group of Englishmen found some ancient scrolls (gremuar) containing a description of
Set’s Brilliant’s tunnels. These are a multidimensional conglomerate, which allowed the
Magi to manipulate time and a space. Set’s tunnels are a maze of global pathways, with
most of them being sealed by King Solomon for the security and safety of the human race..
However, the modern occultists considered this a violation of their rights to the secret
knowledge they contained and broke open some of the seals.
This story is about the difficulty of being wise, as the light we follow may not always come
from God. One day we need to realize that the time has come to collect the “stones”.
A young Creole Janette after her husband’s Andre death, who was an adventurer and involved
in racketeering, became entangled in a sequence of a strange events. A week before
the Andre’s tragic death, as though he had a premonition of his impending fate passed to her
a sealed envelop and said in a trepid voice: “I have found something I can not explain . If
I will not came back, give this envelop to the police.”.
The death of Andre is only the first in the spiral of events that followed. Disobeying the husband’s
instructions and ignoring his last words, Creole Janette opened the envelop and found
inside a computer disk with cipher video. From this time on strange events started to unfold
around her with the death of many people, one after another. Thayer’s death is much
more then mysterious: the bodies of the dead were found in a similar condition to ancient
Egyptian mummies — wrinkled and dry.
However the two friends became involved in these mysterious events; a private detective
named Slaiker Hodward and Police Commissar Bred le. They soon realized this whole unnatural
story seemed to centre around Creole Janette and started an investigation . Detective
Slaiker made a fatal mistake by contacting Janette. A STRANGER, who is able to transmutate
his appearance into many different personalities, kidnapped nine years old Slaiker’s son
Jeff, whose mother had perished a few years previously.
Detective Slaiker receives an anonymous threatening note instructing Janette to be in Cambodia
by sunset the following day, or Jeff will meet with the same fate as the previous victims.
Slaiker with the help of his friend Bred starts searching for his son.
The Stranger is leaving behind him a train of dead bodies, but the two detective friends are
only half a step behind. The search has brought them to City Victoria Airport, where it is
becoming clear to them, that Jeff is being taken to Thailand on the same flight as Janette is
travelling to Cambodia.
The events are falling like dominos, one after the other, and there is no way back. In a terrible
and last dance with the Death it claims anybody the STRANGER fears is trying to discover
the mystery of the sacred stones.
As the story builds to a crescendo - Janette, is protected by EVIL, and little boy Jeff’s life is
left hanging by a thread.
Detective Slaiker Hodward and Commissar of police, Bred Le had time to catch a plane in
the last moment.
Hiding under the masks of his future victims, THE STRENGER is pushing ahead of his
persecutors in everything he does and he sets up a traps for them. He is artful, cunning and
uncontemplated. He does not know pity or compassion. He is an emissary of a weird
unnatural world. He will discharge one’s obligations, no matter what it cost him.
Well now, he is face to face with those, who were walking in his footsteps. Bred Le is neutralised,
but not killed, Slaiker… Detective was violently thrown throw a window from the
plane at five thousand feet and was buried deep within the earth, where not a cry from the
heart would be able to suppress the pain - PAIN OF DISTRACTED, FRENZIED
Janette found Jeff in the luggage’s compartment and took him under her protection. The
boy is practically immovable. His energy was drained by THE STRENGER and Jeff’s life,
like a candle, was slowly withering. Creole, who lost her husband, and the little boy, who
has no mother, are tied by an invisible string, twisted in a filigree weave of events. Of
THE UNIVERSAL GAME OF GOOD AND EVIL Like two halves of the entire whole
they are complementing and supporting each other.
Passengers mesmerized into deprivation of a mind…..Down, down into the ocean went the
plane… Everything is mixed in a cruel intrigue of THE STRENGER... And that is only a
What is waiting ahead for the young Creole and little Jeff?
Incredible adventures on the roads of beautiful Cambodia.
Who goes after them , avoiding the traps, set up by THE STRENGER, and destroying
everything in his way?
Commissar Bred Le. He does not know fear, all his desire is to save Jeff.
If there is a beginning then so should there be an end. Where is it?
The temple Angkor vat. Exactly there will be an arena of a FINAL SKIRMISH OF GOOD
Why Janette is so important for The STRENGER? What is in that envelop, which
she has got from her husband before his death? And if Commissar Bred Le dies in the
end, who will safe Jeff? Who will prevent a break of so thin and sensitive biological
process like a LIFE to save the equilibrium in the WORLD?
The answers you will fined in my book “Set’s Brilliant”.

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