A Fathers Promise

Creator: Sam Peters II
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
This is a story about a father trying to redeem the loss of his children and everything he loves because
of systems that no longer believe in the promise he made to himself and life. so he create a
non profit foundation which brings him wealth and a promise.
Synopsis: I'd like to think everyone wants to find that someone special, and build a family with kids to
watch them grow. If you're a bit of a romantic, optimistic, or you go against the 60 percent
divorce rate. You start to watch and build a set of goals that you hope will work out for you
and your life a fathers promise. The story is about what happens when a father who has
been married for 21 years has to choose to let his family go, because they can only love
him through child support and he can only love them by finding a way to keep the
promise he makes to himself and love his children even though they may feel he was
never there.

Father goes through divorce is told by ex-wife that the children decided that they wanted
to be adopted by new step Dad, The father so crushed and all alone meet other single fathers
that are not dead beat dads and decide to create a non-profit called The Joseph Foundation
which helps fathers trying to be involved in their kids life but have unforgiving women,
ex-wives, society, and a judicial system, The father becomes wealthy through the foundation
and realizes that he made a promise to himself that even though his children was made to
feel that he never cared he would never stop loving them.

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